Hand-Sewing | Basic Stitches and Techniques

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January 19, 2017
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January 20, 2017

Hand-sewing is used very frequently in DIY projects so here are some basic stitches and techniques for beginners.

These are the techniques shown:
1. Securing a Knot 0:06
2. Running Stitch 0:47
3. Tying Off 1:55
4. Back-Stitch 2:44
5. Blanket Stitch 3:48

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Some of my DIYs that use these hand-sewing techniques:
DIY Minion Plushie (https://youtu.be/aczm7nXFKJc)
DIY Purse | Re-using ASOS Packaging Back (https://youtu.be/VyXVWLJDOJQ)
DIY Knit Purse | Knitting Basics (https://youtu.be/3onMc2VOKTg)
DIY Baymax Plushie | Big Hero 6 (https://youtu.be/fjysHer1t9o)
Valentine’s Day DIY: Cushion Heart Keychain (https://youtu.be/YpbAWCpC1n0)


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  1. This is awesome thank you, I haven't sewed for a long time, nanna past away last year 🙁 so couldn't go back to the person who taught me originally.

  2. Mustygusher says:

    Thank you muchly! I could NOT figure out how to tie it off. Awesome video!

  3. Elena Fraser says:

    awsome tutorial :)

  4. This tutorial really helped me thank you so much!

  5. Omg after watching so many "how to sew" videos on YouTube as a beginner, I can hands on my heart say this is the only video that has enabled me to master the sewing basics in less than half an hour (having previously never sewed before!!)
    Thank you so much! I honestly cannot thank you enough!

  6. Mae lovely says:

    thanks so much i can finally do it in school (our topic)

  7. thank yooou! first video that actually learned me something… and please what do I do if thread is too short but I need to sew more? (I hope you get what I mean :DD)

  8. Regina M.B says:

    I have to agree with xXAnni. This was the most helpful video I've seen for a beginner like me. Good job!

  9. Jodie S says:

    I've just gone from 0 knowledge to being able to do 3 different types of stitches! Messy stitches but still! XD Thank you! :P

  10. This vid is brilliant! Refreshed my memory since sewing class at school one million years ago, and taught me new stiches in such an effective way. Tanks! :)

  11. Zack zaffis says:

    well wait, how do you tie off the blanket stitch?

  12. Alpha john says:

    this helped me greatly thx 😀 – My pants are succesfully repaired!

  13. ohvimbo says:

    Thank you SO much!! 🙂 This is so helpful :)

  14. Fantastic. I am making my own reuseable menstrual pads and I have no patience for a machine. I have been looking for a basic sewing video for a while and none of them cover all the info I need in a video as concise as this. <3

  15. I. Love. This. Video. Thanks so much for it!!!

  16. EXPLAIN THE KNOT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That was awesome! Thank you for that. I will now be able to say that I know at least three ways to sew, and can attempt to mend my own clothing! <3


  19. Is the blanket stitch known also as overhand stitch

  20. Johan Todd says:

    wouldn't a back stitch be good for stitching 2 edges together too?


  22. and now I'm going to try lol

  23. Moon Bunny says:

    Thanks for this very easy how to video. So many other ones out there make it look way more involved then it should be. Awesome job! I'm adding this to my sewing projects file for future reference.

  24. This actually is the best video ive found at explaining every stitch and doesn't have tons of talking??

  25. ty for the vid, just what i needed to make some necessary repairs :)

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