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February 16, 2017
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February 17, 2017

This tutorial shows you how to get started with hand sewing, from how to knot to how to hold the needle. If youve never used a needle and thread before, youll want to watch this video.





  1. Dani_Scorpio says:

    do I make a knot with the thread close to the needle to make sure the thread doesnt come off the needle? I got a little confused on that part..I know about the one on the very end,but got a little confused on the one close to the needle..thank you:)

  2. @CrysalisHooper Hi there. There is no need to put a knot next to the needle. If you did, it might prevent you from pulling the rest of the thread through the fabric. Just one knot at the very end of the thread is all you need.

  3. Vashti iii says:

    This is strange to watch, because I was always taught that you never knot your thread – you stitch over it. The bump can be felt through the cloth, and shows.

  4. Thank you very much now I know how to sew plushies and other stuff. Once again thank you

  5. AnTiCs53 says:

    VERY HELPFUL!! Thank you so much. I can now sew something cute for my girlfriend! Thanks to you!

  6. Thank you Great tutorial

  7. shanelle k says:

    I'm a new subby, glad I came across your page. I will def be watching all your videos

  8. sarah recko says:

    Thank you!!! Still really bad at sewing just not as bad anymore.

  9. Christi M 72 says:

    I really appreciate your video.  It was very helpful.  Thank you so much!  You were great at teaching sewing 101.

  10. Linda Davies says:

    Great sewing lesson

  11. Ehhrjieurueueiururhururururuuuruuuueuu

  12. Just Jaida says:

    Nice video please subscribe to my channel

  13. The 1 says:

    pls make a video how to make a pot holder

    1 sub!

  14. mike dees says:

    I'm a 9 yeer old & i'm lerning to sew

  15. Radical Rob says:

    I'm sorry But I put thread through needle w/a 4in tail and no knot at the needle?? Just at the other end? How does the needle stay on? I just don't wanna start and realize Iv'e screwed up lol

  16. Thank you so much now I know how to sow,I just have to make it more neat

  17. whats the pick thing holding the fabric called ????

  18. thanks for showing me this!now I don't have to ask people to do it for me ??

  19. thank you!!!!! SUPER HELPFUL!!!!

  20. Saucedupsal says:

    Thank you soooo much this was very helpful hopefully now my mom will buy me some threads and a needle

  21. GirlGamer says:

    the knotting at the end was very helpful! thanks! I've always had trouble with knotting my thread and knotting it at the end. also why not just use a needle threader when you thread the needle?

  22. Chu Star says:

    My needle keeps coming unthreaded!!

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