Hand Embroidery for Beginners – Part 2 | 10 Basic Stitches | HandiWorks #52

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July 5, 2017
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July 6, 2017

Beginners hand embroidery. Follow me as I learn how to do the art of hand embroidery, and invite you to learn with me.

Today i will be covering 10 Basic stitches.
Once you familiarize yourself with basic stitches, you will find that they are the foundation to those more
elaborate stitches that once seemed too difficult to tackle.

This is the beginning of a hand embroidery journey that I hope you will follow along with.

0:19 -Running Stitch
1:14 -Back Stitch
2:32 -Split Stitch
3:46 -Stem Stitch
5:11 -French Knots
6:22 -Chain Stitch
7:21 -Feather Stitch
8:26 -Satin Stitch
9:31 -Lazy Daisy
10:53-Seed Stitch

Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks…

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  1. TheBrand444 says:

    nice!! it helped me a lot!!

  2. im gonna use embriodery for my design school portfolio next year!

  3. Erin Ashley says:

    Awesome videos. I'm just learning embroidery and this makes it look so easy haha. Saved and liked!

  4. Sandra Leon says:

    que tela es esa cual es su nombre

  5. Isra Lili says:

    thanks it is sooo usful!!
    but a question!!!
    why don't you show how many threads to use the,how to tie off and should we use two or one strip???

  6. I think I just found a new hobby

  7. jay davies says:

    i lfukin love this song but it needs a pink floyd tweek,touch more on the base,double base plus triangle,didn't think id enjoy an embroidery song as good as this

  8. Patrice says:

    I have been having a ball with this I sat down at the sewing machine and made a stitch book been on my porch filling it in ever since what a great Sunday!! thank you

  9. which thread u used. is it wool ??

  10. Gypsy Me says:

    What hoop do u use? And what fabric do u usually use when embroidering? And can u use a darning needle to do the stitches? I'm just a beginner so I need to know all this stuff. U do a really good job at this and I'm going to watch u while I learn.

  11. jest to cos pięknego,igła mała ,a ile może.

  12. which type of cloth we should use for pillow covers and which thread

  13. Dina Daisy says:


  14. Aj S says:

    please,please,please can you tell me which thread are you usingg?
    please reply me!
    I am a beginner..I was always fond of learning this skill and now I find the time to do so! please reply me as soon as possible!
    I'll be grateful! 💕

  15. CaleanWsh says:

    This is quite helpful to us new stitchers! The music could have been a bit less annoying. Other than that – KUDOS!

  16. sinem zengin says:

    I really love it !!

  17. Love these videos. I've looking for easy tutorials that don't make my brain bleed. You make it seem pretty simple, so much that I will be giving it a try. One question, how do you like finish it off? do you make a knot at the end?

  18. Lisa Binney says:

    Wow thank you these stitches I have read and seen drawings but never was able to them you showed them took your time and with you talking thank you for allowing me to really focus on the steps as when someone it talking I don't stay as focus. I am putting this video into my favorites

  19. David Zhao says:

    this give anyone else's eyes anxiety?

  20. really fantastic for beginners..

  21. amruta patil says:

    thank u so much for sharing this..

  22. مبدعه… خطوات جدا واضحه 👏

  23. Nihadfarah says:


  24. this will be great for adding sigils and runes to clothes! Thank you!

    also, glad to see I'm not the one one who goes "aaand up, missed.., missed.., there we go!"

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