Gathered Skirt-Making, Intermediate Sewing Class

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July 4, 2017
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July 5, 2017

Expert sewing blogger and pattern designer, Gretchen Hirsch, teaches you everything you need to know to start creating your own clothes in this beginner’s skirt-making tutorial. In this class, she shares her easy technique for making your own pattern that’s completely customized to your body. Learn how to trace the pattern, cut out fabric, sew a basic hem, make a waistband, gather the fabric, add a zipper, and much more! Bonus: This one skirt takes on different looks depending on which type of fabric you choose.



  1. I have not seen anyone who could bring the 50s back to life better than you …. the style is you. Great video. I enjoyed it and enjoyed you sharing tips.

  2. dburgd99 says:

    I am so glad I did this skirt. I mostly do quilting and some home deco stuff but I rolled up my sleeves and tried it. It turned out beautiful ! Only thing that I did different was I basted the gathers on to the band first because I did not want to have to rip out tiny stitches if I didnt like how it gathered but it turned out really nice so no ripping out. I will be making a few of these. Thank you so much for your tutorial and taking the time to share it with all of us.

  3. Best video ever xxx

  4. Ladi Calieon says:

    First I Love Love Love your Hair and your style is right up my alley Thank you for the pointers I am a self taught and dear I say youtuber learner and by far you were the most informative, I will be watching ALL you have to offer.

  5. Wow very impressed of your knowledge and patience thank you so much now i can go back to sew again.

  6. very cool thank you for doing this.

  7. Daiseehead says:

    I've loved every video of hers, but OMG all the vocal frying is stressing me out. I sure wish she would stop so I can watch in peace! 🙁 Aside from that, excellent and easy to understand videos for a beginner like me.

  8. Saucy Zebra says:

    I love how informative this video is. Your voice is soft and the video environment is calming. You walk us through step by step without speeding it up or putting audio and music over it. I can't wait to try this skirt pattern! <3 Thank you so much!

  9. awsome best sewing tutorial I have seen. TY

  10. neha pujari says:


  11. Perfect. I love it, congratulations for job 💜 💜

  12. bun _ says:

    shes so inspiring and fashionable 😍😍😍

  13. This is otal overkill. We were taught to make simple gathered and pleated skirts in half an hour or so. Aside from fabric, thread, hand sewing needles and a sewing machine, the only tools needed are a tape measure, shears and a zipper.

  14. Tracy says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I am going to make this skirt as soon as possible. You are a big help and very informative the whole step of the way!

  15. I have always wanted to sew and never been able to get over my fear. thank you for being so great!

  16. Awesome video! Where'd you get the red acrylic ruler and that iron? 😊

  17. robin crean says:

    2 hours 21minutes? are you kidding me? would watch but seriously!!!!!

  18. I loved the video Gertie! It was so detailed and helpful. I am beginning to sew, there were so many useful tips in the video. I am gonna try making this skirt. Thank you so much.

  19. I too love 1940's and 50's the best and I too wear my handmade 40's and 50's clothes I've just subscribed you:D

  20. I am happy that i found you watch you more patty L From New Hampshire

  21. I always cut neckline an arms too wide any tips an how to avoid that I mostly sew for a 5 year old help plz

  22. i just can't stop watching you teach. you make everything seem so fun and easy. just the best !!! thank you

  23. Tracy says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to teach. You are excellent at it. I am new to sewing and you make it look fun and easy. Plus, you're very pretty!

  24. Alix Moses says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I love gathered skirts but haven't had the guts to make my own pattern yet. I do have a question though. I noticed you didn't take a hip measurement. Does the hip measurement not matter in the gathered skirt?

  25. hana vax says:

    ** why don't you mark the 29" on the dental-floes it will give you an idea before you place the wast band (Sorry for the miss spieling en is not my main lang)

  26. Anne Cain says:

    Superb teaching. This is an absolutely wonderful instructional video. Thank you Gretchen for explaining and demonstrating every step so clearly.

  27. bambi beach says:

    hello there lovely.i enjoy your tutorials,i was wondering since i am new at sewing dresses and i love the retro style if you can do a tutorial on the halter dress on your manequin?p.s.i love your hair

  28. Bettybop49 says:

    She does the best directions, i think i will buy her book!

  29. This was extremely helpful, thank you!!

  30. Pat Giacaman says:

    Love this video. I have a store bought jacket that I love and would like to make a pattern from the jacket. Do you have a video on how to make a pattern from a garment already owed? Unless I cut the jacket apart I can't figure out how to make the pattern. Please consider showing how to do this process.

  31. Gloria Manns says:

    Great class. The best I've ever seen. I will be making the skirt. Thank a million. I watched the hold class, did not know it was for two hours. God Bless.

  32. DJ Summers says:

    Love the 60s, 70s clothes, so gonna make some…..thanks for all your help

  33. Kiya Regan says:

    Use a lil sew & sew

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