Free Motion Quilting, Beginner Tutorial 1 (of 4)

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April 26, 2017
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April 27, 2017


  1. Marie Flint says:

    Very well presented. Good coverage of details. I hand quilt, but am interested in free motion quilting on projects that have a deadline. Thank you for this tutorial!

  2. J. Fitz says:

    I can only find 505 Basting 'temporary hold' spray (clearly labeled on can). Were do you suggest I find the product you use and strong advocate. Thanks.

  3. where do you get the plexi glass table from for your sewing machine?

  4. ginger0174 says:

    your instruction is excellent, you are patient and speak slow. Thanks for this, I really don't want to have to take a quilt to have it finished and pay all that money. This is great, how to you put your ceiling tile together, screw it into the wall?

  5. Su Sana says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you so much, really really useful.

  6. Monica Haigh says:

    Thanks for these great tips.  I purchased the 505 Basting Spray and have used it with great success.  This has made a huge difference and now I do not have to struggle with all the pins and can enjoy this part of creating my quilt.

  7. In was watching this video to learn how to fmq but ended learning how to baste my quilt. I used the basting spray on all my quilts but I didn't his on the floor. Using your wall method is genius.. Lol Im going to try it with my next quilt .
    You should make a separate video on how to do this.

  8. Joy Paul says:

    Thank you! Excellent! !

  9. very cute teacher! thanks!

  10. Bev McMullen says:

    You are so cute!! I loved this tutorial and the way you delivered it! The "vertical basting table" is pure genius!! Thank you.

  11. Lois Barger says:

    Thanks I am working on this have a long way to go ! I love it though !!!

  12. Thanks! I am just starting and your tutorial gave me a lot of good information that I can use. I will be watching your other tutorials.

  13. Monica Ortiz says:

    Your video is very informative, I came looking to see what free motion quilting and I am walking away with much more. Thank you for sharing!!!

  14. You are so thorough & I am able to follow you & understand you completely. Now I'll watch another.

  15. squange20 says:

    I commented two years ago on how brilliant this video is, and will say it again. I can't wait to see some appliqué work on the quilt.

  16. peter welch says:

    Thanks Patsy this series is very helpful. Simply the best and most informative. Previously I have had many problems with free motion, but thanks to you, it's now a pleasure!

  17. Cathy Duran says:

    Thanks for these videos. I'm watching them AGAIN, because I really appreciated your help in understanding how to do this — and your sweet encouragement and ideas. Been sewing and quilting for many years but have never been very comfy with free-arm. I've been stuck on stuff that used my walking foot, but that's getting boring. Now that I have acquired a brand new Bernina Q-20, I'm back to brush up on your advice.

  18. Great tutorial! Especially like the wall spray basting method! Sure saves the knees and looks much easier than working on the floor.

  19. thank you for this tutorial! can't wait to try this out!

  20. Cassie Adams says:

    Good and precise information.Thank you.

  21. Thank you so much! I like your approach to teaching.

  22. M McC says:

    Great information! I'm just now learning about quilting, and this video answered so many questions! Looking forward to watching the rest of the series.

  23. nannymac47 says:

    I love you. Thank you so much. Sending these tutorials off to my daughter and my sister.

  24. Doby Carter says:

    wow I finally found the information I was seeking for so long and been here you are thank you so very much for this tutorial I've been searching for a long time… Great tutorial

  25. Jeanine Webb says:

    how did you make the basting wall?

  26. Blah Blaah says:

    This was great! I was reading an article about free-motion quilting and just got bogged down in the detail and not understanding what they were talking about. Back to search results… and there was your video.

    You've answered my question about that 'weird-looking' hole-like thing instead of a normal foot that I was seeing in pictures. Also, you helped me find out that my machine has the capacity for free-motion quilting because it does have a darning foot option and a 'plate' to cover the feed dogs when darning. I looked up 'darning' in my instruction book and while the foot doesn't come standard with my machine, it looks just like the funny 'foot with a hole' that I've seen in free-motion quilting pictures and demonstrations. Hurray!

    And the information about spray basting – what will they invent next? That's brilliant!

    One question, though. First you sprayed the backing, then you said something about fluffing out the folds in the batting by putting it in the dryer for 15 minutes or so. Do you leave the spray basting stuff on the backing while the batting is in the dryer (does it need to 'set' or something?). Or should you already have the batting flat and smooth and ready to go when you spray the backing, so there's no delay or drying of the spray basting stuff?

  27. Great video. Thanks for sharing these brilliant tips.

  28. Deb WhoSpins says:

    Thank you for this. It all makes so much more sense than seeing written instructions! I have a quick question…what loft batting do you recommend for free motion quilting? Thanks!

  29. TuSitios says:

    Excelent tutorial. You talk just what is necessary, gave us the point and speak slowly, relax and without music. Thank you so much.

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