Flannel Pajama Pants with Pockets Sew Along for the Beginner

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June 17, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Follow along as I sew a pair of flannel pajama pants. Instead of ads in my videos I offer a tip link for those who wish to support me: www.paypal.me/kevinsews

I captured the full 2 hours with all the details. If you have ADD or you are looking for a quick/fast overview then this video is not for you. Otherwise, you may want to watch it a 1.5 or 2.0 speed initially due to the length of the video. See timestamps below. This video is for the beginner sewer who like to see all of the details.

These pants include pockets, an elastic waistband and a pull string. It also includes a separate waistband, which is important if you have more than an inch of drop between the front and back. I personally have a 3 inch drop between my front and back. I’ve successfully sewed these pants using a custom pattern for people who’ve had a 19 inch back crotch length and a 13 inch front.

Here is a link to the pocket template: http:///www.kevinsews.com/download/FlannelPJPantsPocket.pdf

To see how I join the elastic refer to this video: https://youtu.be/yt-WjwJuYws

ONE UPDATE on the Waistband Width: I updated my pattern to a width of 3.25 inches after I created this video. I found there was a bit less fabric beyond the stitching in the ditch seam line on the inside of the pants. Just make sure you are very accurate in your 1/4″ fold over and your placement of the fold like before sewing. The 1/4″ fold should land right in the middle of the 1/4″ fold area.

Below are the timecodes for each step.

00:00:03 Introduction
00:02:25 Review Pattern Design
00:11:07 Sew Pockets onto Front and Back
00:18:25 Press Pockets
00:24:42 Sew Leg Seams
00:36:08 Press Leg Seams as Sewn
00:39:52 Press Leg Seams Open
00:44:47 Clip Backside Seam at Bottom of Pocket
00:46:25 Serge Pockets
00:48:42 Tack Pockets to Front Side of Pants
00:50:47 Align and Tack Down Crotch Seam
00:57:39 Sew Crotch Seam (twice for reinforcement)
01:10:57 Sew Waistband on to the pants
01:18:53 Press Waistband Seams
01:24:51 Cut and Press Pull String
01:35:04 Sew Button Holes for Pull String Opening
01:40:49 Cut Button Holes Open
01:45:18 Baste Waistband
01:49:19 Stitch in Ditch to finish attaching Waistband
01:55:12 Insert Elastic
02:03:49 Insert Pull String
02:09:41 Hem Pants (Pants Completed!)



  1. April Stark says:

    Another great video, thanks. Do you wash your fabric before cutting out the pattern pieces? If so, do you wash the flannel in hot, warm, or cold temperature water? What temperature do you dry it at? Also, I presume you stitch the cut sides before washing.
    I'm asking because I've never sewn with flannel and I have a project coming up using it.
    Thank you!

  2. I love seeing garments actually sewn.  It helps to see the detail that you are showing and gives us the visual on areas where our sewing experience may be little lacking.  So many of us are self taught,  so it helps to see different techniques in order to help determine what works for you,.  I look forward to seeing more sewing projects like this.

  3. Justin V. says:

    what juki model sewing machine is this in the video?

  4. JB says:

    What is a french seam?

  5. What paper do you use for your pattern and where can it be purchased? Also do you have any advice on how to keep an even seam when turning corners..I'm fine going support slow but would love your input. Thank you for your time on another excellent video! God bless you.

  6. Jason Bowyer says:

    It's like listening to Ron Swanson sew. This is awesome. Thanks for the instructions!

  7. Great video and easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time to list when each step is at in the video.

  8. lovely. i watched all the way and love your precision. i will be making my son some in flannel. i also have some marpar spec military fabric not sure if this would work for that polyester cotton nylon blend for out doors. what do you think?

  9. What kind of Iron are you using?

  10. sticky stuff but i love this fabric.

  11. Very detailed and well explained. Hats off to you:)

  12. Awesome video, very well explained. You are a great teacher, thank you from Puerto Rico

  13. Becky W says:

    Wonderful tutorial! Since the title of your video included "Beginner," it would make it much easier for beginners to pin the fabric. I know you mentioned that it was time-saving for you to use your fingers only, until someone is confident in that ability, pins are actually the time-saver. I was able to pin and sew an entire pocket side seam in the time it took you to get things lined up.

  14. Excellent tutorial, by far the very best sewing video that I have seen on YouTube. If you don't mind me asking, what model is your Juki machine and do you like it? Thanks again

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