Essential Tools for Sewing on your Spiegel 60609

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May 15, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Your Spiegel sewing machine is one of the most advanced computerized household sewing machines on the market. To help you fully enjoy all of the machine’s advanced features, this tutorial will walk you though setting up your machine, all of our favorite features, and tips and tricks to using them.



  1. The problem with this video is that you do not list exactly what or where to get the items that work with this machine. I have searched the manual for bobbins and one of your videos too. The operation manual states to use BO-103(Z) bobbins only. I managed to see the letters/numbers on the included clear plastic bobbins that state DFV3034. So I went on the hunt and I can't locate these bobbins on the walmart site nor on amazon or much of any where else for that matter. Only one page site came up without price only email box wanting the viewer to type in the bobbin looking for. I don't think I have ever viewed an operation manual that did not include information on where and how to order parts. I do see there is a phone number but thats it.

  2. I got this machine mainly because she is BEAUTIFUL! I am new to sewing but I have become a "collector", of sorts, and I am glad she's in my collection. However, I also got stuck on the mention in this video that it 'COMES STANDARD WITH ABOUT 15-20 FEET. I searched that box, much to my dismay…Mine came with seven. Appears that one (zigzag) is missing. Wondering what exactly is the "standard" presser foot number that comes with the Spiegel 60609?

  3. Totally frustrated trying to thread this thing. Video has hands in the way of what we should be seeing. Machine instructions are all white so user can't see them.

  4. Kat S says:

    Does this machine have any warranties on it pls?

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