Easy DIY Phone Wristlet Sewing Tutorial – Free Pattern

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April 4, 2017
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April 5, 2017

This sewing tutorial shows you how to make a simple wristlet that can fit your smartphone and other essentials like your driver’s license, credit cards, and cash. The free pattern includes 3 sizes so you can easily match the size of your cell phone. Download the free pattern and see the written instructions here: https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/makersmill/how-to-make-a-phone-wristlet/
Materials Used:
Premier Prints Cameron Premier Navy Slub Fabric: https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/premier-prints-cameron-premier-navy-slub-fabric-.htm
Pellon #809 Decor Bond Fusible Stabilizer: https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/pellon-no-809-decor-bond-fusible-stabilizer-.htm
3/4″ Upholstery D-Rings – 1 Gross: https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/3-4-inch-upholstery-d-rings-1-gross-.htm

“Playful Ukulele” by Seastock



  1. really good tutorial! clear concise instructions, pattern really good to download and printed off great with my iPhone

  2. nofie09 says:

    hi there, im not able to load the pattern. please assist

  3. can't wait to make one, so simple!

  4. this is perfect! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

  5. Would you recommend Kam snaps instead of the snaps you used?

  6. J Lloyd says:

    Thanks for the video! So easy to follow 🙂

  7. Ciao, the tutorial is really nice but the link of the blog is broken. Could you please check it and assist me? Thanks, Paola

  8. I love your ideas!
    I just started my youtube channel as well💕

  9. I love your ideas!
    I just started my youtube channel as well💕

  10. Very nice tutorial video. Nice pattern / design and well done. I will be sure to check out some others.

  11. Adele D says:

    🙂….Great work and wonderful tutorial…………Thank You

  12. De De says:

    So simple and so functional! I didn't have a D ring so I just made my strap a little longer and tucked it into the lining. Makes up quick. Next time I think I'll use fusible fleece instead and quilt it! Thank you!

  13. awesome..thanks so much. The large fits my Samsung great! I ended up using plastic snaps instead and did one on the corners as well as the one in the middle (paranoid of stuff falling out I guess haha). Super simple and easy. Thanks again.

  14. Mags Nash says:

    That's awesome I think 💭 you've made a brilliant job of that, I think 💭 it's a definite idea 💡 to make soon

  15. Laura Barba says:

    very nice! 😄 thanks for sharing! 😁

  16. Donna Weber says:

    I decided to add 4 slots for license and credit cards up top.

  17. Kriti Siroya says:

    what was rhe white one material?

  18. Kriti Siroya says:

    what was that white thing that u use inside the wallet?

  19. I love this! I'll put this on my "to do" list. Thank you.

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