Easy BoHo Bag Tutorial (Sewing For Beginners)

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May 28, 2017
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May 29, 2017

A friend asked me to show a simple bag for beginners. This is a very easy bag. No interfacing or closure needed. Takes about an hour and a half to complete.




  1. brony pony says:

     where exactly do the straps get pinned? it looks like its on the front side in the video. . but the way my flap falls over looks like I should have placed the straps either half front/back or all back piece.

  2. ابداع جميل جدا

  3. reyna ayala says:

    What does it cost to make this bag?

  4. reyna ayala says:

    Can you list out the materials u used to make this I'm going to try this it looks really beautiful

  5. Wanda Thao says:

    Thank You for your tutorial! I sewed my Boho in about an hour & 1/2, your instructions was easy to follow, my Boho came together beautifully & I enjoyed making this bag for my GrandDaughter

  6. Mike DeLoach says:

    Nice design! I do have a question for you: instead of sewing the liner closed at the bottom, then having to pull the purse through a small gap, why not just attach the liner THEN close the bottom of it? I would be much simpler to turn inside out that way. Plus, the small gap method doesn't seem like it would work on bulkier materials.

  7. I was wondering where you bought that fabric? And what it is called? I would very much like to have some of it.

  8. Aaron Melia says:

    I want that bag! It's gorgeous. I live in Britain so it's hard to find that exact fabric… I'm gutted.

  9. lucykrav says:

    Hi, Great tutorial,  I was wanting to know if I could leave one side of the lining open so I could turn the right side out from there.

  10. Karen says:

    Your's is a great tutorial. Thank you so very much! My sewing room is upstairs, my computer downstairs. I really got my exercise in running back and forth. (well, walking back and forth 🙂

    I thought I would remember the steps but after goofing up a couple of times, I finally watched once more and wrote every step down, starting and stopping the video while writing. I added a velcro closure, and an inside pocket.

    To all you ladies wondering if this is the bomb, yes! Best instructions on the WWW.

  11. deb riley says:

    Hi A fate So Twisted,
    Thank you for the tutorial.I dont understand patterns.So with your help i was able to make my granddaughters for Christmas the boho bag. And to see their faces was worth  MILLIONS. Again thank you.  

  12. Savi Rose says:

    Love your tutorial, btw I subscribe to you 

  13. Glenn Rivers says:

    Thanks for the vid I really enjoyed this project. I made a change here and there but the basic design was the same. I like to go camping so this "boho bag" will serve me well when I make short trips from camp. I can take a few things I need with me and, I'll have a place, to carry things back that I find in the woods.  The bag I made was from the pant legs of a pair of como pnats.  My son cut the legs off to make shorts out of what was left.  I've only sown a few things so I'm purrrdy proud of myself.

  14. I just finished this bag per your tutorial I will post to your facebook. I really enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you.

  15. Very helpful video for beginners. thanks for posting!

  16. RandomSuzy says:

    wicked tut, have a similar pattern and been trying to think how do I sew together without raw edges or over locked edges showing now I know how 🙂

  17. I loved this video.  I have problems understanding written instructions and often reverse directions.  I found this so easy to follow. This is only my second bag video but the results were amazing.  I did use a stabilizer the on lining and fabric. Hope to see more easy to understand videos like this.  Thanks again! 

  18. Anita Albala says:

    This is a great tutorial for beginners. THANK YOU for taking the time to do it!!

  19. Thank you for your fantastic tutorial. I followed along with you to make my first ever bag. Obviously there was a lot of pausing in between steps but it only took us 5 hours to finish 🙂
    I then went on to make another one for my mother in law.
    I am so happy with the result thank you again for your easy to follow instructions.

  20. nana niomi says:

    thank you for your tutorial but I must ask what are you ironing on ? I would like to use one in my sewing space too …

  21. Champee Sall says:

    I love your instructions. You make is so simple.  And your Southern accent. Subscribed to you!

  22. Liz Turney says:

    Great tutorial. Very easy to follow. Thank you. Oh and your nails are so pretty!

  23. Sol luna says:

    Great clip & easy to follow.. thanks 🙂

  24. Wanda Todd says:

    love this tutorial my bag came out so cute  going to be a nice xmas gift

  25. Rosa Frances says:

    thanks for the tutorial! loved it and your pretty nails, too!

  26. Thank you so much for your tutorial. My bag came out very pretty. Very helpful.

  27. OMG!  I love this tutorial.  And you my friend are hilarious!!!!!!!!  Great video!!!!

  28. A tradução em português não está certa então não entendi nada na teoria. Vou ver se na prática consigo. E as medidas é importante. Se vc puder passar eu agradeço! Abçs!Obrigado!

  29. Amanda Floyd says:

    i love the inside fabric! patchwork without the patching!

  30. Mary irl says:

    Thanks for sharing , I'm a beginner sewing so it really great for my and easy so I'm ready for my little bag 😁👛👛👛

  31. Karen Brown says:

    This is a great tutorial and is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so much for posting it!

  32. Lara Rusher says:

    exactly what I was looking for! thnx

  33. which kinda of fabric is this please?

  34. Sam's Corner says:

    hi! do you have the pattern for this bag?

  35. nettie clark says:

    been looking for this bag for ages ,thanks p.s.nails just lovely.

  36. Just found this tutorial – nice and easy, thanks 🙂

  37. I did it!!!!!!! Yay me….

  38. Mair Mair says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! It helped me out sooo much!
    Also, I adore your accent! 🙂

  39. This is a great little project. I completed it in around the hour and a half and it made a gorgeous little bag. I'm just a beginner at making bags, so I found her explanations really easy to follow. Thanks!

  40. lobo james says:

    Hello, girl you are so funny!!! I love your videos and I'm a fan from now on! Can't wait to sew my bag. Thank you so much, Rena Patterson

  41. Jenny Hall says:

    Great tutorial ! I Was having a hard time putting straps on and your tutorial was very helpful !

  42. Great tutorial, but it matters which 3 sides u sew up on the flap because the square is not a perfect square all the way around. The 11" long side is the side you will attach to the bag…otherwise I love it….Thanks for posting

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