DIY Yoga Pants I Easy Beginner Sewing

Hand Sewing Essentials – Threadin The Needle (Free Sample)
June 13, 2017
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June 15, 2017

I made yoga pants in honor of my new year health and fitness goals. These are super fast and fun to make and wear. You don’t even have to work out, just wear them because they are comfy. Other than “gyming”, I plan on wearing these while running errands, couch surfing and sleeping.
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  1. I won't even lie: definitely couch surfing pants for me! No workouts, lol!

  2. Smileyquanta says:

    Great Tutorial! Im using my sewing machine more nowadays!

  3. Hannah Ho says:

    could you make a pair of cropped leggings??? i've been wanting to make workout stuff!! thanks for this video! 🙂

  4. No thing says:

    Good video, but incredibly distracting/annoying music!

  5. E.T. says:

    I liked the music. Great video.

  6. Gina Mills says:

    great end result!! I did get a little lost at the first of the tutorial, but kept watching and I think I've got it. Thanks for taking your time and sharing your talents with the You Tube family.

  7. Zannnnah says:

    Perfect….I'm really not here for the price of yoga pants…incredibly expensive for what they are, run up 4 pairs for the price of one.

  8. +Brandi Jackson
    I was just kidding to see of you would respond. This is actually a great idea😀

  9. daisy says:

    so slow description

  10. Mama Spins says:

    music too loud and distracting to listen to!

  11. Just what I was looking for. Thanks. I want to use elastic in the waist and add the band afterwards. Any tips?

  12. possumputer says:

    music is awful! I couldn't concentrate – it sounds like you are trying to hypnotize me!!!

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