DIY Tote Bag – Beginner’s Sewing Tutorial

DIY Maxi Wrap Skirt video tutorial
December 14, 2016
New Year Catch Up
December 15, 2016

Learn how to make this cute tote bag. A great project for beginning seamstresses! 🙂
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  1. Hello how are you? I am from India and why don't you show double zip hand bag?

  2. Thank you, you inspired me, i like it… verry like it… thank you

    #i'm from indonesian

  3. this is a great video, I made my bag out of old sheets and scrap fabric since I was practicing and didn't wanna waste fabric, but it came out gorgeous, thanx for sharing

  4. Thank you for this tutorial, I'm going to give it a try. By the way, you are absolutely lovely, the accent is charming and your attitude sweet but confident. Very nice.

  5. me and house says:

    what sewing machine u are using?

  6. tilu khanal says:

    You are beautiful then bag

  7. you're so cute….

  8. Thank you for this! Great tutorial! 😀

    Sidenote: I love your cute socks! ^_^

  9. I love u your so pretty

  10. Anna Weiss says:

    Great tutorial! I am a beginner as well. I am definitely going to use your tutorial to make my own bag!

  11. Дочка Мистера Бина?

  12. you should tell us more detail

  13. Well the instructions were very easy to follow but the blonde came out in me and of course I sewed the inside and the outside wrong the first time lol…..But after spending two hours seam ripping and watching your video once again….I didn't make that mistake twice lol…..Thanks for the tutorial, I made this to give away to a deserving, unsuspecting person. :)

  14. didn't work and now I do have any straps… even drawing tutorials are easier… I'm sorry to say but thy are

  15. meant they not thy

  16. You and your accent are GORGEOUS!!!

  17. This is awesome thank you. Here is one of our magazines top picks:

  18. Aziz Elwardi says:

    you betifl tinks

  19. Fa fa Rasha says:

    Wow amazing !! And its tooo easy. I tried it today. It came out too gud. Would u plz teach us to attach a zipper ??

  20. helene l says:

    Wonderful work and yr sweet thank u ?

  21. Sale CNC says:

    Very good very clear… Thank you soo much

  22. Thank you for remaking this tutorial! I made my bag and I adore it! It's finished size is roomier than I expected! Love it!

  23. Lacie Harton says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. My kids love their new tote bags!

  24. Thu Ha Trinh says:

    Thank you, your video is great!

  25. that bag is so adorable and you are super sweet! I just love the colors and design of the bag, great work dear! xo

  26. Jazz Lloyd says:

    Hi, what type of fabric did u use???

  27. mam mujhe mcram ke dhage ke pese bnana bta dijiye

  28. Can you please tell me how to determine how far from the seams to place the handles, I see different distances on different tutorials. Is there a formula or standard?

  29. this was awsome easy to me

  30. fahad akram says:

    you are more beautiful than your bags are

  31. cute tote bag, you did a great job. You are a sweet girl thanks for sharing. Pretty eyes :). You need some sewing scissors :)

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