DIY split sleeve with bow detail top refashion (+cute open back!)

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March 13, 2017
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March 14, 2017


pants: gap//shoes: sam edelman(old)//sunglasses:rayban
Heres a fun blouse with split sleeves and bow details…and bonus….open back! I loved how this turned out…just may have shortened the bows a little bit.

-Grab a dress that has a lot of material or about a yard and half of fabric.
-Cut the dress’s bottom from the top.
-Lay the top out onto the bottom of the dress dress lining it up with the original bottom hem, If your dress has a button front or a center seam in the back, then lay the top down the center. Otherwise, lay it where you can salvage as much fabric as possible, then cut it out.
-Sew up the shoulder seams and the side seams.
-Grab a top that has long sleeves and lay it out on some of the remaining fabric. Trace around the sleeve making an A-line shape for a peasant looking sleeve. Make sure to cut a front and back piece, instead of one big one.
-Sew up the shorter side of the sleeve’s front and back together and serge or sig zag stitch. Then serge or zig zag stitch the 2 long edges separately.
-sew the top 2 inches and the bottom 2 inches of the sleeve’s long sides. Sew the serged edges once or twice under. This will end up looking like a topstitch.
-Grab more fabric and cut out a 8 – 3″ by 15” strips these will become the bows. I ended up making mine longer later because I liked bigger bows.
-Fold up each strip in half and sew the edge and one end. Flip them right side out and iron.
-Sew 2 of the strips together to make a long strip for the cuff.
-Pin and sew where you want the non cuff strips to be. I put them just above my elbow.
-You can sew under the edge of the bow before you attach it if you want to hide the serged edge.
-Serge the bottom of the sleeves
-Measure and mark your wrist around the center seam of the cuff and add a half inch to both sides.
-Pin the center of the cuff to the center under seam of the sleeve. Pin the wrist markings close to the other sleeve seam.
-gather the sleeve end into the cuff as you sew.
-Top stitch the serged edge back under into the sleeve.
-turn the sleeve right side out and slide it into armhole of the top which is inside out. Pin and sew. I also gathered a little near the top of the sleeve near shoulder seam.
-If you have button up back or open back then sew it closed here if you want.
– Hem the neckline by folding the neckline under 1/4” twice and sewing near the outside edge but do not stretch as you sew because you don’t the hem to roll out.

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