DIY Shorts, Pajama Shorts, Sewing project for beginners

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January 22, 2017
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January 23, 2017

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Check out for affordable and good quality fabrics link here
Juki Sewing Machine
Brother 1034D
French Curve Ruler
Where I bought the fabric
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  1. debbi ebikwo says:

    please what machine is this? it has a serger too?

  2. liked and subscribed… Lovely greetings from Germany ?

  3. This is not beginner friendly.

  4. alize0623 says:

    I was going to make these to work out in. I need all new clothes my body keeps changing.

  5. Are u a filipino?

  6. This is so brilliant, thank you so much for this video! ♥

  7. TY… This vid helps me out alot.. I Actually made my own shorts just by doing exaclty what u did step by step. Thanx Mon <3

  8. AngelaJ. says:

    This is not for beginners…

  9. Rhea Sethi says:

    How much fabric would I need. Does the fabric have to be stretchy?

  10. Joey Chen says:

    I am actually an aspiring designer, and I want to start sewing and designing early! What is the best sewing machine for me? I am a complete beginner, and I want something that can last and I can take into college. I am looking for a machine that can grow as I grow. (Price Range: 80-200 dollars.) Thank you!

  11. melylat says:

    what's that fabric call?

  12. aaru j says:

    instead of playing background sound better u speak of that how u making..

  13. Elewa says:

    So adorable. Such a shame summer is ending now. I'll probably just make PJ shorts instead :D

  14. Esther Mozo says:

    Hi, I noticed that when you cut your fabric (using the pants as template), you did not add a seam allowance all around. Doesn't that make the shorts fit a bit tighter than the pants template? Thanks for this tutorial!

  15. You look like a Filipino, are you?

  16. This video is really helpful . I would love to start doing more projects like this and learning more and maybe doing videos like this on my channel too. Thanks for the video :)

  17. may i know if what fabric did u used for this short?thanx a lot..

  18. It started getting very confusing at 2:00 HELP!

  19. What fabric did you used?

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