DIY ruffle bell sleeve top refashion from men’s dress shirt

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February 28, 2017
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Pants: gap//top:self-made refashioned//shoes: enzo
For some reason, I’m a bit addicted to ruffle and bell sleeves. I have a hard time convincing myself to not make one every time. Literally almost made one 10 times this month. Made a little easier with sleeves just incorporated into the top.

Supplies: oversized button up (used hub’s too big dress shirt), top you like the fit of, scissors, sewing machine, pins, thread

1.Grab an oversized button up top and cut off the arms, the collar and the yoke in the back to flatten the box pleat, and seam rip the pocket off.
2.Lay a top down the center and cut around one half including the sleeve, folding it over and cutting the other side.
3.Sew the front and back shoulder and the sides together. Serge or zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
4.Try the top on and make any adjustments, mark and cut where you want the neckline to be.
5.Cut on one sleeve into 2 rectangles at least 5 or more inches wide and 10 to 20 inches long once sewn together into a tube, the longer it is the more gathered and full it will look. Mine were about 15 inches long and 5 inches wide.
7.Sew the rectangles into a tube, then sew a basting stitch along one side.
8.gather the basting stitch to fit the sleeve opening. Repeat with the other sleeve.
9.Turn the shirt right side out and pull the sleeve end into the ruffle opening, pinning right sides together
10.Sew them together.
11.Hem the bell sleeve with a rolled hem by sewing 1/4” twice
12. sew the neckline under with the same rolled hem as the sleeve. Try to be careful here to not stretch or pull too much because it can look warped or roll forward.
13.Hem the bottom if you need.

I wore this out on my date last Friday, and danny (his idea! wha? Not usually his thing) wanted to take some pics while we were there. We ate at Sundance which is my favorite place. This was post garlic fries, hamburger and fried brussel sprouts.


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