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March 17, 2017
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March 18, 2017

DIY POOLSIDE STYLE and summer travel essentials! Sunblock, bikinis, cute sandals, kaftans, coverups, sunglasses are just a few things to bring with you to the pool or beach this summer!

Today we are making a glamorous bikini cover up that you can easily make into a kaftan or robe. Design option is yours.

Materials needed for today:
2 yards of your favorite fabric
2 yards of fun trim
Fabric glue
Binder Clips
Sewing is optional, all depends on the trip you choose.

My whole boutique style closet was designed in a previous episode.
Link is here:

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  1. Laura Flohr says:

    Nice! I like that bodychain too. Good idea to Make it out of trimm ☺

  2. Cyndi says:

    Omg, love your style and design DIY! Thank you so much for sharing girlie! You look absolutely beautiful in the Sheer Cover up that you made! Thank you so much for sharing girlie! Have a blessed and spectacular weekend! 👋 😘😍👋

  3. samarahvonk says:

    You never stop surprising me Angela. It looks so beautiful and luxurious.

  4. Wow love the diy. Love the robe idea.

  5. Afifa Kath says:

    I can't wait for your home decor!!!

  6. How would the fabric glue hold up if you washed it? Ps I love it cheers Donna

  7. chicameowr says:

    Beautiful style, you look gorgeous!

  8. Rosa R says:

    Girl your are ready for summer🌞💋 Yes you are!!!✌

  9. eddie Gomez says:

    Love your channel. Cant wait for ur next video. Xoxo jodie

  10. simple and classic I ♡

  11. great diy….. just beautiful

  12. jijihobbes says:

    Ah! I always get so excited when I see you uploaded!

  13. jijihobbes says:

    BTW I'm surprised you cat wasnt chasing the trim lol

  14. wow Angela that's so simple to make and beautiful, it looks great on you B-), thank you

  15. whodeenee43 says:

    Omg!!!! Love your channel! Just subbed!!!

  16. This is brilliant! Thanks!

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