DIY Pajama Pants, Sewing Project for Beginners

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January 2, 2017
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January 3, 2017

Showing you how to make PJ bottoms, very easy project it only took me like 40 minutes to finish it. If you have any questions feel free to post them on the comment box. Happy sewing my friends!

Juki Sewing Machine
Brother 1034D
French Curve Ruler
Where I bought the fabric
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  1. Trishtish007 says:

    I just purchased my sewing machine, followed the dvd then thought gotta find something to try! Saw ur tutorial and figured I'd give it a go. I used an old pillowcase and voila! My 1 year old now has a new pair of pjs and I'm feeling ridiculously proud of my beginner success!! ?

  2. Red Flower says:

    Merci bcp ma vais lfaire pour ma petite fifille.????

  3. Aline Thomas says:

    great tutorial ? it helped me so much thanks a lot ??

  4. Hello. Very nice project! 🙂 What sewing machine do you have?

  5. Ryan Omalley says:

    Cool video. I like the way you filmed it. It reminds me of some of the videos on my channel. Keep up the good work. Please subscribe if you like my stuff.

  6. Jfmasnd Adm says:

    Very nice and simple way .

  7. Awkvlog says:

    Love your personality! New sub! Would love for you to also check out my channel so we can support each other :]

  8. dogsgowoof says:

    If you would sell this product how much would you sell it for

  9. Achwaq Bel says:

    thank you its beuatifel

  10. your way is very good n easy thanks

  11. kallibilly says:

    I think this is the most easy and best explained tutorial for PJ bottoms I found on the net.Though I'm not good at sewing,I made one at a first go! Thank you so much! Do you have the same type of simple tutorials for sewing blouses and shirts?

  12. Mizzz Klein says:

    I really want to learn to do this. I'm trying lol

  13. lindsey B says:

    How do you know how much elastic to use

  14. heidy Em says:

    Awsome!!! i wish i knew how to sew 🙁
    hahaha but seriously you are super creative!!!
    Iam new on youtube and do make up tutorials I would love to get a vitis from you to my channel it would mean alot!:D

  15. hi hun! i absolutely love this video, i subscribed to your channel! it would mean so much to me if you could check mine out? x

  16. Vrinda S S says:

    I recently bought a new sewing machine since I like stitching.though I don't know anything abt stitching I cud stitch a PJ with the help of Ur video.n. gladly it came well.thank you so much!

  17. I love the fabrics you used! So adorable!

  18. she said hello lady's and I am a dude and I li,e to sew and there is nothing wrong about that right?

  19. chen da says:

    I would love to make this for my 7 yrs old… I could not get a grip of the basic sewing 101 omg! I want to cry.

  20. These are so cute! I feel inspired to make some now because the ones i got from the store are too big !

  21. abbi rodil says:

    hi.. i am planning to purchase sewing machine what brand can u recomend pls.. thank u

  22. did she say "for beginners"?

  23. lani pinay says:

    d o u do the top the same if you use a draw string

  24. it looks cool, btw it's voila not viola and no capitals

  25. thanks uploading this video upload more

  26. Teja Dolgan says:

    Hey, what kind of fabric did you use?

  27. Carla Leiran says:

    Just what I needed. thanks!

  28. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just made a pair of Xmas PJ's for my daughter following your tutorial-came out great! Making my son a pair next 🙂 So super fast and easy even for a beginner sewer like me!

  29. brenda james says:

    this was a GREAT video! Thank You so much for posting!

  30. elena Sal says:

    can you or do you have one that goes very slowly from beginning to end. When the film went super fast I had no idea what you were doing?? I have never sewn in my life i need something for a complete beginner.

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