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July 10, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Inspired by an outfit I saw on pintrest and limited time I chose to make this dress. This dress is super easy to make despite the confusion that occurred causing me to spend more time on it than previously thought.



  1. hallo your dress is beautiful like t but I have made this dress a week ago

  2. how can I send you a picture

  3. I Love the mixture of fabrics, very cute dress πŸ’Ÿxx

  4. iamcjwalker says:

    Going to Jamaica in August and I cannot wait to make and wear this! Thanks for the videoπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing video!! Please Ive been trying to contact you! What is the best way?

  6. Love this! I saw the video yesterday and got my fabrics yesterday to make my dress.

  7. AlotByTrue B says:

    I made me two of these dresses. Thank you

  8. tania pierre says:

    can you post more frequently. I love your videos


  9. Eric T says:

    LOL "my hands are ashy"!

  10. Best tutorials ever!!! Thank you for making my viewing easier. : )

  11. I NEED THAT ELASTIC FEEDER WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? I WILL BE ONLINE LOOKING FOR ONE LOL! Sorry for screaming I hate when I get excited and do that smh. Nice Tutorial btw!

  12. Hey wondered if you could do a tutorial on making Ankara swimwear. I'm new to sewing too and have got some pieces of fabric that would look delicious as swimwear just not sure how to go about it as every tutorial talk about using swimwear fabric bla bla but Ankara swimwear is v. Popular right now so it must can be done. Do you know how?? R u on insta?

  13. it's beautiful, I love it. thanks for sharing this. thumb up πŸ‘

  14. i love all you videos, did you teach yourself to sew ?

  15. Natalie Reid says:

    you must carry on ! love the tutorials

  16. I love this! I'm subbing cuz I'm Jamaican too!!

  17. i'm Ghanaian and i am really inspired tomake it

  18. Question how do u get the measurements for the top and arm

  19. S. Gesture. says:

    beautifully made gal. thumbs up for Jamfrica.

  20. Akem philia says:

    please can you upload a tutorial on a full bustier bodice

  21. Thank u your tutorials are very helpful to me. thi is sofar the best i have found. shalom korlie brynmawr pa

  22. perfectly easy tutorial πŸ’– thanks

  23. 0433elva says:

    If I want to do a top with underneath bodice, Do I need a zipper at the back?

  24. carol king says:

    how did you get the measurements for the arm?

  25. Stacey Ohh says:

    I have a few questions that need answers, if you don't mind me asking:
    What is that measuring paper called and where can I get it from?
    Where can I get that wire you used to put the elastic into the ruffle skirt called and where can I get it from?
    That's all!

  26. Annie Shola says:

    I just discovered your page and I love your videos.. please what's this fabric called?

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