DIY Leather Backpack ♥ NO-SEWING + Backpack Essentials

Meet the Zadie dress pattern!
February 2, 2017
Game Day Loaded Nachos – A Tasty Recipe
February 3, 2017

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  1. Wow girl, you really did your own backpack! It was awesome :D

  2. I love the colour of the bag–this is so adorable! Even your dogs like it hehe. Congratulations on almost hitting 1000 subscribers–you deserve it! <3

  3. Best DIY's Eveeerrrrr ! I Fall In Love With Your Channel More And More 🙂 This Backpack Is Really So PRETTY ! GREAT JOB 🙂 ! YOU'RE TOO AMAZING !

  4. Pretty daily says:

    i'm watching this at school but I don't have headphone, so I'm watching this video audioless lol! loving the bag omg!

  5. Loved this so much! Your DIYs are so cool! And the peppa pig wipes are adorable :)

  6. i just completed same video with jeans… i really like your back pack… love the details.. and love your editing so much… thank for sharing…

  7. Rose Coco says:

    Cute Cute Cute!!!! Everything you own just so cute! the mirror, keys…cute!!

  8. Sophie Smith says:

    loved the Dora bit XD
    this is so cute <3
    i make videos aswell ^^

  9. ?So cute !Amazing editing . Great DIY! I like the thumbnails to your videos !?

  10. Nikki Harris says:

    The bag was so cute! But the best part by far was the rose chain. I had no clue you could make it so easily! :)

  11. MonseBeautyy says:

    so creative and easy ! would love if you stopped by my channel and subscribe if you enjoyed <3

  12. nice video but do u like dora just asking ….

  13. Ivy Lau says:

    @-@ it is so amazing

  14. martals says:

    this is really good and amazing!

  15. i have a queston, does the glue really hold it together because i want to do this for school but I'm afraid it can like fall apart +my DIYtifuLife

  16. Super cute too. Wow your channel will grow so big if you keep this up. 

  17. Sanam Akber says:


  18. I Have The Same Wallet As You But In Pink!?

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