DIY Kimono | Beginner’s Sewing Project

Merry Christmas from the Team at So Sew Easy
December 26, 2016
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December 27, 2016

A super simple way to make your own kimono in 30 minutes. A great project for beginning seamstresses that will give you a perfect accessory for spring!

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  1. What a lovely project and fabric, the kimono really suits you! And your hair looks gorgeous, which method of curling did you use if I may ask? 😀 

  2. Alaska Young says:

    Your hair looks awesome : D
    I've been wanting to do a kimono, but I haven't found a fabric that feels nice. 

  3. This is absolutely perfect, Lucy! x

  4. vonlemp says:

    looks so lovely 🙂 although I would've probably used black thread

  5. Duygu Tezcan says:

    I just love the way you say "half" your accent is so cool :)

  6. your hair looks stunning 🙂 

  7. Vanja says:

    A kimono is a cultural style of dress that requires quite a lot of separate pieces. I know people hate being told this I guess, but it's pretty off to still be calling flowy sleeved, simple fabric shirts/dresses a kimono when it's literally an expensive, time consuming thing that has specific elements to it and generally is heavy/warm with all the needed layers, not light and flowy spring/loungewear, it's a cultural style of formal wear. 🙂 I love your videos as always and the item IS super pretty! 🙂 But I feel pretty comfortable being honest about this because it has actual cultural meaning.

  8. Tawni Jules says:

    thank you for posting this! i have a store bought kimono, but i want so many more, and i don't want to pay $20 every time for a small piece of fabric. now I can customize it to my body and what i want. i'm definitely gonna add pockets and fringe

  9. You made that so simple and easy to understand

  10. Carme Blanco says:

    It's is absolutely lovely! I'll try to do it <3

  11. Sherry Green says:

    Love that you chose to go with contrast stitching! The white pops against the black patterned fabric in a really nice way :)

  12. Katrina A says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this! Could you do more videos like this?? Thanks :)

  13. DarkR0ze says:

    It's not a kimono but a kimono cardigan

  14. cece escobar says:

    I've been watching your videos since you did the sock bun tutorial and how to cut your bangs., And it's really cool seeing you explore sewing. It is a very rewarding craft. Keep it up you are doing great. That pattern on that fabric is beautiful. 

  15. Maff Sharal says:

    Is amazing! And you look so beautiful Lucy. 

  16. This is a great beginners project! You inspired me a lot with your other sowing video. After I made that I actually sew my own hobbit cloak that I wore to a convention today.

  17. As a costume studies student. I will admit  of sometimes winging it, but mostly i work off patterns I bought, or have made for myself. But a tip for your seams if you don't have a serger or overlock, invest in some pinking shears, because once you put that through the laundry it will fray, and pinking well help with that, it won't stop it from fraying but it will keep it more neater or go over the edges with a zig zag.

  18. Ouuuu a sewing project…..clapssss excitedly

  19. Rosie Posie says:

    You are especially lovely in this video!

  20. hi what kind of sewing machine do you use ?

  21. browneyedmay says:

    Hello, lovely tutorial; however, could you possibly please show how you got the neck area done, I'm finding that bit difficult xx

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