DIY | How To Sew a Dress Like Jennifer Lopez | Sewing For Beginners

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March 10, 2017
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March 11, 2017

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I use a Brother DS140 sewing machine –

Lately Jennifer Lopez has been playing her A game when it comes to fashion. I wish I could sew every look she wears on American Idol (and maybe I will :P) because they look amazing, colorful and feminine. J Lo can wear topnotch brands but this doesn’t mean we can’t take style notes from her and get inspired.

For this week’s sewing tutorial I sew a dress inspired by the Bec & Bridge dress she recently wore. I took me a while to figure out how to sew this look but I managed to do it and record this sewing tutorial for you. If you know the basics I’m sure you’ll nail this look because it’s sewing for beginners 😉

Happy sewing and I hope you enjoy!!

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  1. another cute dress. you are very creative!!!

  2. JuiCyNess08 says:

    you are very talented indeed!! I will definitely be recreating this!

  3. Sew Chic Tv says:

    Awesome, super creative! I saved a pick of this dress to recreate, u did a good job!

  4. MsCocolady says:

    You are an inspiration to me. I just pruchased a new sewing machine and I am going to TRY to make some of your styles. I would like to know where do you buy your fabric and what kind of material do you use for your dresses?

  5. Kimmy Olay says:

    New Subscriber 🙂 Keep up the great work gorgeous 🙂

  6. sooooo good!!! you make it look so easy XO

  7. Lissy says:

    You do excellent tutorials! Love this! I will try sew something based on your tutorials I will tag you once it's done 🙂

  8. che27 says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!☺

  9. I follow every day all the videos you upload thanks for every video you upload have learned a lot and continue to learn thanks ..bendiciones cute ..

  10. What fabric did you use for this dress

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