DIY dried eucalyptus and fruit table setting (with those free printable placemats)

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December 26, 2016
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December 27, 2016


Those of you throwing a little Christmas dinner party, this may be super easy for you to do last minute. Grab a few candles, a bag of cranberries,  a few bunches of dried eucalyptus (or buy it fresh), print off some Plum Box Press free placemats, and dry up some orange slices. Just layer the eucalyptus, stagger the candles in, and last, throw in some fruit! If you want to throw a free placemat under the plate, then wrap some rosemary around it, it always has a nice touch.

To dry up orange slices, I thinly sliced some cuties, coated them in sugar, threw them on a drying rack then put that on the oven rack, and let cook 2 hours (flipping halfway) at 200 degrees. I realized the thinner sliced it was the less time it needed. Like half of them burned because they only needed to be in for hour and a half.

spoons and cups from target, rest from the grocery store. FREE placemat here

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