DIY Cropped Top & Matching Pencil Skirt | Sewing For Beginners

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January 17, 2017
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January 18, 2017

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I use a Brother DS140 sewing machine –

Matching cropped tops & pencil skirts are one of my favorite fashion trends of the moment as they are chic, effortless and suitable for many occasions. Since I’m obsessed with bright colors I find it hard to find them in bright hues. But this style is easy to create and sew so I decided to show you how you can sew a cropped top and matching pencil skirt.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

XXX Jocy

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  1. lamba52 says:

    What fabric is this ? 

  2. Can you describe the adding of the elastic belt technique. The way you do it looks easier than the way I know to do it. :)

  3. patriciadick says:

    beautiful  color

  4. Mani Bss says:

    The fabric is cute ^^

  5. you make a very cute outfit look so simple to make. it is so cute!!

  6. your afro is perfect!!!!!!!

  7. wow incredible.. perfect outfit..

  8. Winnie Raj says:

    What a really cute outfit.  Looks great on you.  :0)

  9. Jarae Milay says:

    How many yards did u use?

  10. A Goodie says:

    Where do you get your fabrics? The prints are so pretty. :)

  11. 1947dhammond says:

    Great job! You are an excellent presenter, too. Always enjoy watching you work and later I will take off sewing,also. Thank God for a great sew queen.

  12. G K says:

    Super Cute !!

  13. Hello sister did you use 2 yards or more?

  14. Can you make a skirt with ruffles or with a train on it

  15. You are amazing!!! Thank you!

  16. Shanibritt says:

    I am literally obsessed with your tutorials! I've been watching for two days now and you've inspired me soooo much to start sewing! I have a machine but never used it, guess I'll be using it now! So talented! Xo from Jamaica 

  17. thanks , you help m alot

  18. Woooooou Very Nice…..Thank you  pinkchocolatebreak <3

  19. LOVE!! Did you use stretch fabric?

  20. Gracias exelente !!!

  21. do i have to use stretch fabric or can i us cotton

  22. Excelente, es lindo… y explicas muy bien, si puedes realizar mas tutoriales en español, Gracias….éxitos…….


  24. Sandi A says:

    Love your energy and style!! Thank you a million times for inspiring creativity without bogging it down with so much technical jargon. Watching you without even making the clothes is a blast!!! Can't wait to make these on my spare time away from world of medicine!!! Much Love.

  25. love your videos. but for us beginners can u please mention if your folding the fabric. how long /width please..xo

  26. thank u soo much for this easier technique!! it helps a lot!

  27. Tada Burton says:

    Omg!! I love this

  28. liyabooful says:

    Can I add a zipper to top n pencil skirt will it be the same size still

  29. liyabooful says:

    Is the fabric stretch

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