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June 9, 2017
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June 10, 2017

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I use a Brother DS140 sewing machine –

Today’s DIY Summer sewing tutorial is all about a chic bohemian top that is easy to create. I prefer to use a sheer fabric like chiffon for this DIY as it falls perfectly and works well in the Summer.

Make it shorter if you want a crop top or make it longer for a fashionable beach cover up. The possibilities are endless yet sewing it remains easy.

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Hope you enjoyed it!
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  1. hairpeace00 says:

    did you only sewed the bottom part of the top?

  2. hairpeace00 says:

    Did you fold it two times the long way?

  3. So cute I love it! I'm so glad I found your channel.

  4. You have such quick and fun ideas! Love it!

  5. Love your style! Love these simple tutorials. Just curious…do you finish any of your edges using a zig zag stitch so it doesn't fray? And do you fold your fabric over twice for your hems? Thanks!

  6. Kim Wright says:

    Love this!! Seems very simple. I'm a beginner and looking for something simple and cute!!

  7. Helena A. says:

    Olá Jocy!
    Sou Portuguesa e desde que encontrei o seu canal que ando a ver os vídeos com muita atenção! Sei pouco de costura e a minha principal dificuldade tem a ver com a máquina de costura… Nunca sei que tensão usar para cada tipo de tecido… Ou seja, não costuro porque o meu problema começa logo com a máquina de costura… Podia fazer um vídeo a ensinar para os vários tipos de tecidos, que tensão usar, qual o tipo de largura do ponto, etc??? Obrigada!
    Beijos de Lisboa, Portugal!

  8. I LOVE your clothes.Your such a talent.I am 53 years old and a sewer.Keep making your videos.

  9. I recently got some really flowy fabric and this is the perfect thing to use it for! I love your videos and I'm looking forward to trying out some of them. =D

  10. Love how it was right to the point thanks

  11. I got to try this, thx u😉👍💟

  12. Stupid Lady says:

    ¿Como se llama la tela?

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