DIY-Basic Sewing Tutorial: The Basic Top

Introducing the Harriet Bra Pattern
February 1, 2017
Meet the Zadie dress pattern!
February 2, 2017

This a continuation of our previous video tutorials

Basic Pattern Tutorial: The bodice

Basic Pattern Tutorial: The Sleeve

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  1. would it still work without an overlocker

  2. amged 2016 says:

    اشتي اتعلم الخياطه help me ?

  3. hi I enjoyed your tutorials thank you. I have a problem when making a dress or shirts etc. I seems to cut the sleeve wrong. the outcome always the sleeves either tight around the arms or its tight from both back and front. lols. please help me by show me how to cut a sleeve from scratch. thanx

  4. Rosy Spencer says:

    Very nice job. I like how easy you make this to be and the shirt looks very nice on you.

  5. can you upload tutorial for making boxer shorts. thanks?

  6. Wait! At 7:50…can you sew over those pins like that?? Won't sewing right over those pins cause damage to the machines main- needle? (sorry, I'm a newbie and I think I recall my mom telling me this when I was a young girl.) Anyone know for sure?

  7. What do you do if you don't have an overlocker? Does it matter?

  8. @catalano, a good machine will run over the pins on the pin without damage.
    I have done that over and over

  9. drum009 says:

    whoa!!!! you can sew over the pins!!!???????

  10. Unk Yahqub says:

    WTF WAS THAT DEMONIC VOICE AT THE END, A SHOT-OUT TO THE SEWING G-DS!? At the end, I was like, "Awwwwww she is sooooo sweeeeet!" Then "Lucy" showed up! Hahahahaaaaaa Daaaaaayum

  11. what the ffuc is wrong with this girl? First she seems terrified of the camera, then she starts using a possessed demon's voice. Weeeeeiirrd

  12. sugahmigel says:

    you have a poker face, dear. Show some emotions :)

  13. @ catalano, you are welcome

  14. cool dude says:

    it maid no sense but if it makes sense to you than ok have fun but this videos sucks

  15. I know this is a bit of a strange one, but I am wanting to make a cape for a cosplay, however the style of cape, isn't one I can find a tutorial for (the closest thing I've come to is Dracula's cape… and that's not even close…) I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for the basic outline (I can figure out the ribbon.) the cosplay is of a character called yukiya reizen… Picture link: I don't suppose you could help? Yukiya is the indigo haired male.

  16. Thank you so much, very helpful ? wonderful final product

  17. which machine is used in this video for sewing??

  18. JW says:

    You are offering good tips, especially for the beginner or novice tailor. However, the handheld camera leaves a lot to be desired. I have problems with vertigo and the motion of the camera is particularly disconcerting and aggravates my vertigo. This is especially true when the footage was sped up. The handheld camera playback with increased speed also makes watching the video extremely difficult and following your monologue description is hard because of the sped up camera footage. I had to stop because the fast motion triggered a vertigo event and a headache. I am very interested in learning what you have to share but cannot because of the unsteady and fast jerking footage.

    Your information is good but your delivery could stand a little improvement. I would suggest placing the camera on a tripod and film the footage pulled back instead of trying to follow closeup. A good script that outlines the points you want to make would improve your delivery a little because you would be organizing your thoughts better about what you want to say.

    Because of following your movement closeup, then the playback speed is increased, is what creates the problem. You put a good deal of thought and effort into making your film. For personal and medical reasons I could not finish watching your film. You are knowledgeable and have a lot to offer. I hope you aren't offended by my comments. I do filmmaking and understand the dynamics of filming much like you understand the dynamics of sewing. Thank you for the video. I wish I could have watched from start to finish because you have a lot to teach. Peace be with you, and be well.

  19. WOW, You did a great job, thanks so so much for everything.

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