DIY 10 minute no-grommet lace up top

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January 25, 2017
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January 26, 2017



1. Try the top on and roughly mark where you want the buttonholes to be.
2.Lay the grosgrain ribbon across the V neckline 3 times with equal gaps in between.
3.Add pins on both sides of the grosgrain to show the buttonhole’s start and finish
4.Mark a centered line between each of the pair of pins to show where the buttonholes will be.
5. Sew the buttonholes. If your sweater is thinner or vertically stretchy, then you may need to reinforce with ribbon or whatnot so the buttonholes don’t turn out wonky or stretched out. You can use a button hole foot here if you like but it isn’t necessary.
6.Cut open the button holes
7.Lace the grosgrain ribbon through the hole
8.Shorten the ribbon to the desired length and burn the ends to prevent fraying



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