Cozy Maker’s Sewing Essentials

Process Diary: Tools That Serve You
January 9, 2017
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January 10, 2017

Thank you all so much for watching!
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*Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine:

*Rotary Cutting Board Set With Rotary Cutter and Rotary Ruler:

*60mm Rotary Cutter:

*60mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades:

*U-Haul Furniture Pads (Absorbant Layer)


*Wonder Clips:

*Big Scissors:

*Small Scissors:

*Thread Nippers:


*Sewing Machine Thread:

*Hand Sewing Needles:

*Hand Sewing Thread:

*Multicolored Sewing Machine Thread:

*Polyester Fiber Fill (Stuff used to stuff teddy bears)

*Sewing Machine Needles:

*Sew Through Boning:

*Grommet Kit:

*Water Soluble Pencils:

*Shower Curtain Hooks:

*0.5 Inch Foam:



  1. Another great video! Lol, just last night, I easily sewed a cuddle sack for a trade that I'm doing with a close friend.

  2. Love the video. I just got a big cutting mate for Christmas. I haven't used it yet but I'm hoping to use it this weekend working on some new cage sets. I love the idea of the clips. I'm going to have to get some of them, I'm always poking myself with pins.

  3. Great video, very interesting to see all the sewing supplies you use!! ?

  4. Judy Sanchez says:

    Love yr videos so informative

  5. Looks like fun! But, I know it's not easy!

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