Braid Pattern Middle Part Sew-In FOR BEGINNERS

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June 24, 2017
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June 25, 2017

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  1. how many inches is this?

  2. how do u sew to sew it in

  3. Kash Chey says:

    Omg I love this video! I was going to get a sew in. Now I know what hair to get and the pattern.

  4. Meriah Neely says:

    too bulky but beautiful job!

  5. foxy Brown says:

    Hello dear,,you did a great job its very pretty. How many inches?

  6. Nae H. says:

    you got a nice length of real hair ❤

  7. hey how did you sew it in

  8. Can you put this hair up in a ponytail?

  9. Kali Martini says:

    Can non-African Americans wear sow ins also?? or would it look strange

  10. Carly Wash says:

    Correction you just got a relaxer not a perm. A perm is what white people use to make their hair curly

  11. Gina Huston says:

    I love this braid pattern. Best one I've seen.

  12. NANCY B. says:

    I Don't Believe you Sewed that In

  13. phenomenon🌹🌹🌹

  14. How tall are you? 😻💜

  15. torre foreal says:

    thanks for wasting my time

  16. John Doe says:

    A perm. A perm curls hair. Chemical straightening with sodium hydroxide is chemical straightening. Amazing job on braids and weave. Very impressive.

  17. How do you attach the braids together ?

  18. Lisa G says:

    You can also lay each braid end onto a part for super flatness, Like each of you parts in the back are wasted areas you could be using. Instead of a lumpy bulky area at the bottom, when you end each braid, curve it upward and lay in down into the already parted area nest to the braid, and sew it flat. You should see no parts in the back.

  19. wowww your hair came out very beautiful !!! i am getting a sew in next week but was struggling to find a easy braid pattern your video helped alot 💚

  20. I love this video but what is the point really if you don't show how you sewed in it? very pointless

  21. Clearly it is a BRAIDING PATTERN video , in the description it said nothing about an actual sew in so all of you on here mad about not seeing a sew in need to read

  22. What type of hair is that

  23. Angel H says:

    can you do a tutorial on sew ins for beginners…. i found you on google typing in sew ins for beginners…so thats why everyone so confused, Google has your title wrong

  24. Dawn Gipson says:

    f hank for wasting my time to

  25. VoNnEy_206 says:

    I love the music. Reminds me of roots.

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