Best Sewing Machine 2016 (For Beginners and Experts)

DIY ruffle bell sleeve top refashion from men’s dress shirt
March 1, 2017
Sewing Zadie: Attach the Sleeves
March 2, 2017

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  1. Jesse Lewis says:

    Nice bro! Awesome machines! Keep it up! Im in process of making my first t-shirt! You're a huge help! Thanks!!!

  2. Hey Ken, could you do a video about sewing jeans ? What kind of machine for that material, tips, what to do and not to do ?

  3. I was wondering where you can buy the cheapest fabric for beginners? 😅

  4. Ken how much is that kind.of machine? is that available in Asia?

  5. Relj Lee says:

    just bought my juki hzl 29z today so excited to use it

  6. Ingrid Sagor says:

    Hey there, great video! Is there a machine between the expert and beginner models you recommend? Thanks!

  7. JAVIER says:

    is the Juki HZL-29Z capable of sewing through leather? I want to reconstruct my jordans with exotic hide. can I do that with the beginner sewing machine?

  8. Josh Lobb says:

    can it perform a good overlock stitch as well?

  9. Yo look I know a guy who is willing to invest in my idea of s start up business for a clothing line but 1st I need to show him material but can you help me

  10. Nunu Minu says:

    Am I the only one who didn't get how much the machine is???? Help 😢

  11. I was watching Monsta X then ended up here ha ha ha, but I love your vids, fam. I'll be binge watching.

  12. KevKevAllen says:

    When I opened the video and realized it was a Juki I threw up a little in my mouth.
    Juki industrial machines are really great machines, but their home sewing machines are absolute crap. Horrible stitch quality, they were in the shop constantly for repair, and finding accessories for a Juki is a complete joke. Go get a Husqvarna Viking, a Pfaff, or a Bernina. Really top notch machines but you'll pay a price tag for the high quality.
    -I worked at a sewing machine dealer/I own 3 Viking machines.

  13. maria54172 says:

    How Make hoody head?thanks

  14. Rich Bones says:

    i freakn love you! and ur channel bro. awesome too see more guys in the game. i just got a new machine for xmas, bout to make some bomb ass hoody's
    good luck to you in all you do!

  15. mitzy says:

    What sewing and embroidery combo machine do you like?

  16. cindy simone says:

    DIY!! I love DIY .Thanks for the  great video  🙂  Just bought a Juki HZL-80. I'm in heven

  17. izzy supry says:

    I understand your feels on JUKI XD btw do you have a serger? if you do, which one did you buy and use or much prefer or could give suggestions?

  18. D Diaz says:

    Subscribed to your channel after I watched this video. Love the content you have

  19. Rod McDonald says:

    What's the difference between the G210 and G110

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