Beginner’s Sewing Course – Project #6 – The Shirt Dress

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December 20, 2016
Made by Me | Inari silk dress
December 21, 2016

Welcome to the Beginner’s Sewing Course! This course will teach you the basics of sewing your own garments, using commercial patterns. In Project #6 you will learn; 1) Sew Gathers 2) Sew Button Hole; 3) Sew Rolled Hem; 4) Attach Buttons; 5) Attach Pocket to Bodice



  1. J Webb says:

    i have enjoyed your tutorials and have learned alot. I only wish you would have done a tutorial on pants.

  2. I just love Anita's tutorials as I've learned so much. Now I can make clothes that look professional.

  3. Dara Harper says:

    Thanks SEW VERY MUCH, Anita! That dress is Beautiful! BTW, A)Do you ever make a muslin of your garments first? B) Also, what kind of sewing lamp do you use? Your room is so well lit! Thanks for your response.

  4. Anita, would you talk about how you choose the size to cut. I get confused with ease…

  5. just letting everyone know that Joanns have a sale on patterns. Question….. do you have a syllabus so I can get my patterns while on sale :)…..thanks for helping me learn how to sew. you're sew awesome.

  6. Thanks for the seam ripper tip ?. I must have been living under a rock, I'm heading to Joann's for a new one tomorrow!

  7. roxyetrudy says:

    Thank yuo for this video.

  8. Lori Bernard says:

    Thank you for your time! you have truly inspired me!

  9. jv jv says:

    I really enjoy your videos, I've learn to read a pattern

  10. Great video! I"m so glad I found this channel, liked and subbed. I"m a beginner and I will be making this dress. I noticed you mentioned that the pattern size should based on the bust measurement. Can you tell me how do you determine when to base the pattern size on your bust measurement vs. your waist measurement? One of the biggest issues I'm having is knowing the right size pattern to buy. Thanks again for a great video!

  11. Kitemed says:

    Great beginner video. 

  12. Thanks Anita, see you soon.

  13. Michelle K says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Anita! How beautiful!! xoxo

  14. Felicia Reed says:

    This the shirt you made in lesson 3 from the maxi skirt pattern. The shirt looks as if you purchased it from the store. Your skills are phenomenal. I am so happy I have found your site. I am also subscribed from my other email address because I listen on YouTube while working daily. Thank you once again, have a great day!

  15. Bev Tooth says:

    I'm ready to buy this pattern but i'm unsure what kind of fabric to get as i'm ordering the pattern from online. Will chambray be too thin? what do you recommend please? Thanks so much

  16. Bev Tooth says:

    would Gabardine be a good choice of fabric? i want something not too thin but not really thick either

  17. Kimble90043 says:

    Thank you for the great videos! I have thoroughly enjoyed them all and have learned a lot from them. I'm looking forward to the next series! Be blessed!!!

  18. That is just so beautiful you make me just want to sew sew so much.

  19. Rupa Wathie says:


  20. Anita you are a awesome teacher! Easy to follow and learned some great tips 🙂 I learned to sew around 9 or ten my mom taught when I was a girl scout. When I received my badge I didn't pick it back up again until high school. In high school took home economics and had a great time stopped again lol! Until I had my first child and started to sew again for my family yep you guessed it stopped again. Until now I have the itch to do it again looking at your fabulous Sewing Course. I am inspired to pull out my machine and start again and also teach my daughter! Thanks for sharing your craft you rock!! GOD Bless You!

  21. Bev Tooth says:

    I've noticed you've cut the interfacing smaller than the fabric. I've just purchased this pattern and the instructions just say to cut them the same size as the fabric. Have you done this to make it easier to turn the edges over?

  22. Bev Tooth says:

    Well all was going fine until i trimmed the interfacing back after sewing the first side in. My scissors nipped into the fabric! Ohhhhh noooo. I decided all was not lost and that I'd put the buttonholes on the opposite side (like a mans shirt) as nobody would really notice. The biggest disaster came when top stitching the interfacing down. All my fabric was slightly twisted along the back neck! I've put it into the bin and that's the end of that. I just can't seem to do anything right without some mistake. My fabric had a tiny bit of stretch to it unlike denim and I wonder if that didn't help me. I'm usually very crafty making things etc but i'm beginning to wonder if sewing will get easy :(

  23. I love your video….they are the best, very easy to follow, precise and easy to understand!

  24. I love the guide stitch idea as well as using the way you use the basting stitch not just to hold but as a place marker….great tip…thanks!

  25. Can you do a tutorial on creating your own pattern and how to use your measurements to create the pattern so that the outfit fits your body type. I want to learn how to create my own patterns and learn how to adjust a pattern to correctly fit my body type. I also want to know how a pair of pants are suppose to fit on heavy set people? how do you hide a stomach if you have a big stomach. I want to make me a wardrobe that I am proud of.

  26. Gayland says:

    Thank you for your tutorials, when will you post more?

  27. You are amazing! I love your tutorial. hope to see more soon

  28. thank you so much for making this video i needed it! you are inspiring and such a patient & wonderful teacher! I have never seen someone so thorough other than my mother (who can make men's 3 piece suits without a pattern & her eyes clothes)
    i secretly bought this pattern but now i can watch your video over and over.
    God bless you always

  29. Done DidIt says:

    Hi Anita, your seams appear to be wider the the standard 5/8". Is this so? If so, why & how? I would love to start using the fold over method you teach in this tutorial but short of losing 15 lbs, I don't think the method will work with my standard seam allowance. And don't tell me I have to cut a bigger size, lol! #rebukingthenextsizeup

  30. Binky Lozz says:

    Did u say bust or butt measurements????

  31. You are amazing for creating this tutorial. Thank you so much.

  32. Hi Anita! Several things. First of all, I absolutely love your video tutorials, I love your tip about sewing on the buttons, and last but certainly not least, God bless you. You are an amazing soul, Love, Patricia Bennett

  33. gunnermccaw says:

    Anita, I cannot find a zipper to match my fabric color. Now what?

  34. Ana Matos says:

    This dress is so cute! I love your videos! I'm trying to make the skirt from your other tutorial for my birthday.

  35. If you pin the straight pin so that it crosses right in the center of the bar tack you sewed to start with, you won't have to try to hold the pin and the button at the same time.

  36. i like this i understand thanks a lot

  37. Owususp Rose says:

    Hi i like your video please where do you locate

  38. Owususp Rose says:

    Because I'm looking for somebody who will take me as apprentice

  39. Hi Anita…your videos are super for beginners…I am a seamstress…I enjoy watching tutorials for tips and also, to share tips…I just started using the wooden clapper to set seams when ironing…it is wonderful….it really flattens all your ironing for a more professional look…check it out…

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