Beginner’s Sewing Course – Project #4 – T-shirt – (Part 1)

DIY midi button front sundress with bow sleeves!
June 2, 2017
Summer Palette: Pink + Blue
June 3, 2017

Welcome to the Beginner’s Sewing Course! This course will teach you the basics of sewing your own garments, using commercial patterns. In Project #4 you will learn; 1) Full Bust Adjustment; 2) Finding Fabric Grain; 3) 3 Seam Finishes; 4) Insert Sleeves; 5) 3 Hem Finishes.



  1. oicunow37 says:

    I am excited about Fridays because of the new videos and i can always practice over the weekend. Great series.

  2. Lori Bernard says:

    awesome tutorials! Thank you

  3. Ann Flores says:

    I just wanted to thank you for these awesome tutorials I have been sewing for years and I learned so much because you made it so easy to learn from your tutorials and you're very detailed I just wanted to say thank you thank you and it just goes to show even the most advanced sewers can still learn

  4. knitkicker says:

    I love your tutorials they are so easy to follow along with making my sewing sooooo much easier ! Please do more on sleeves I have a really hard time with sleeves .
    Thanks Anita keep up the great tutorials !

  5. You have made fitting look so much easier. I used to struggle using patterns and opted to use patterns I made myself. Please keep up all these fitting tutorials. I bought something crafty but yours was much more thorough

  6. secretbear87 says:

    Can you also do a tutorial on long sleeved shirts?

  7. sandra tukes says:

    Girl u rock! Thank you for the awesome for helpful, informative tutorials. I have never ever sewn before but have always, always wanted to learn. I am so glad I found you in you tube. Thanks again for sharing your God given talent with everyone. Love ya!

  8. I will be going out to get the pattern to sew along with you. Thank you for such a well made video with great lighting and easy to understand instructions.

  9. pattern fitting with confidence the one u use, by NANCY i do not know how to get it on line , if u will just let me know the cost . I will be happy to send the money to purchase it for me ,also my address.


  11. Thank you. I will have to increase the bust and will get that book.

  12. Thank you for the step by step FBA video tutorial. You are a wonderful teacher 🙂 P.S. I just ordered Nancy's fitting book from Amazon.

  13. 08HondaGirl says:

    I'm a beginner who has never even looked at a pattern and you make it so understandable. I'm gonna try and make the circle skirt along with your videos. I've already watched and think I can pull it off because your detailed videos . Can't wait to see what videos you keep coming out with

  14. Another great video Anita! Thanks. I've seen in other videos that it's suggested to just fold instead of cutting a pattern if you are making a top and not a dress (project #4). Would you recommend that? Do we have to make any other adjustments?

  15. Ewa N says:

    I watching your tutorials and everything look so easy . I see my grandmother doing that but she never have time to explain it . I have paternity but 8 am not standard size and each of them I need enlarge .I do struggle with my alteration of bust and hips and my bag belly after pregnancy it's nightmare to hide it . I will watch rest of your tutorials ..They are true gold mind for beginners. ..and I live your bloopers …..It make even more fun …..The most powerful things what woman have is pacjenci and skills of sharing what kip tradition alive and inspire others .Thanks for sharing.

  16. Vienna N says:

    Omg you need to be teaching your own sewing class because you're absolutely the best instructor for beginners such as myself. I would say you're right up there with professor pin cushion as one of the best sewing video tutorials on the web! I am obsessively devouring all your videos, please please make more videos as your knowledge and skills are absolutely impeccable and veering towards perfection. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, you've taken 99% of frustration out of sewing for me!

    are you planning to make a "top ten sewing mistakes/tips" video any time soon? also, besides Nancy zieman are there any other books and videos worth watching that will make reading patterns and sewing techniques easier?

  17. Vienna N says:

    Hi Anita! I keep coming back to this video, but I have 2 quick questions for you, I hope you can answer them for me =]

    1. Are you going to be doing more "pivot" techniques in future videos? I just bought the book By nancy zieman per your advice and i'm loving it so far! I'm very interested in lowering and heightening necklines, will you be showing those any time soon?

    2. What is the benefit of finding the true horizontal grain? And do I have to find it? what happens if I don't look for it when cutting my fabric, will my results be less than perfect?

  18. Vienna N says:

    Oh Anita, I am making a tshirt for the first time and I'm looking at Nancy's book and I'm normally a size 12 but the measurement says i am a size 10 (because my Right Size measurement is 13 inches)! I'm so nervous, it feels wrong to cut a size 10 haha!

  19. rika savitri says:

    After 2.5 years sewing finally i know how to custom a pattern. Thank u very much 🙏🙏🙏 if i have wide shoulder, can i still use ur technique by choosing pattern according to armpit to armpit measurement?? While until now i always choose pattern 1 size bigger so that accomodate my wide shoulder. Sorry to bother you with my personal
    problem .

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