Beginner’s Sewing Course – Project #1 – Lesson 3 (Part 2) – The Circle Skirt

5 minute frayed hem video
December 19, 2016
December 19, 2016

Welcome to the Beginner’s Sewing Course! This course will teach you the basics of sewing your own garments, using commercial patterns. In Lesson #3 you will sew your skirt. Enjoy!



  1. Dara Harper says:

    Thank you again ,Anita. I will have to practice installing an invisible zipper!

  2. laurie212017 says:

    Anita- I ran across your videos on YouTube and am so impressed!  You are a fantastic teacher and really look forward to trying my hand at sewing.  I did sew my first garment last month- all went good but the sizing was off!  You explain everything fantastic!  I look forward to your videos!

  3. Ro Steve says:

    I was wondering can we hand sew the small portion of the zipper to close it? it looks a little tight and maybe we can get it lined up closer?

  4. manuela says:

    SO good instructions ! A lot of thanks !

  5. TooToo Baby says:

    You skipped the part about adding in the ease stitch but I get the concept!

  6. doublel05 says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am total newbie with sewing and I happen to have a smaller waist than hips and I was having a devil of a time trying to figure out how to get my seams to line up due to the extra material.
    You are life saver!!!

  7. I started out this project with enthusiasm, but I am losing it quickly. The pattern called for lightweight linens and I bought a linen fabric. It seems that this gives a little and therefore it is making it next to impossible for me to match up points and seams. I'm getting frustrated and about to give up. This really disappoints me because I wanted so much to do this. Being my first attempt at a garment, I don't want to be shut down out of frustration as I am at this point. I'm not sure this project should be labeled "easy" at all because it seems to involve so many variables.

  8. Tammy Buck says:

    I have learned so much from your tutorial, and I am a beginner. I am stuck on doing the hem of my skirt because I am a visual learner. I would love for you to make a quick video on how to sew a hem. I want to see and make sure I am doing it right.

  9. Nia777 says:

    You are such a beautiful lady, and thank you for sharing your talents with us. You are killing, slaying that skirt! Now, I have a very large waist due to an illness. How can I adjust my patterns to fit my waist? Help. July 2, 2016

  10. Nia777 says:

    Thanks for your speedy response. Question: Do give sewing lesson at your studio?

  11. Thank You! This tutorial has given me confidence installing a zipper by using the zipper foot properly.

  12. Alicia Byer says:

    I really appreciate the step-by-step approach of these videos, thank you so much!

  13. Dawn Bell says:

    U r a wonderful patient, caring & thorough teacher. I can't wait 2 c more of ur videos! Thank u 4 being so thorough with ur instructions.

  14. Hi Anita, this was a nice refresher course. I sew once or twice a year, but lately have been wanting to make a Aline skirt, and this is a nice jumping off spot. You taught me something about threading my bobbin, I been doing it wrong since I was 12.
    Last night I made a pattern for a circle skirt; hopefully I get it nice and straight, and not looking like something "I made".
    I'm plus size and like you said the patterns don't match your actual size. I been reluctant to use a pattern and decided to take a chance on pattern making.
    I'm looking forward to viewing the rest of your videos!
    You look fantastic, and I love the way you're rocking that "do"! Thanks again!

  15. Ria Allick says:

    Hi do you make patterns or do you only buy. You explain well and make it look easy.

  16. Gita Patel says:

    Anita, I really appreciate your video. I been making mistakes about tension setting. Also knit fabric has been challenging for me. love how you teach step by step instructions. I'll watch and learn from more of your videos.

  17. My invisible zipper worked 1st time ??????????! Your instructions and demo for this skirt have been great. Had to stop sewing for a moment to let you know !!

  18. RealChic4eva says:

    Chile, my skirt is a disaster area! Lol. I haven't made it all the way through this video yet, but I'll finish tomorrow. Had issues with the zipper. Big issues where the yoke/skirt seam meets the zipper. Must have sewed it down when I wasn't supposed to. Also sewed one of the pockets going towards the back when attaching the yoke. I'm using a printed fabric that seems to be hiding my many mistakes well. A recommendation: when you're tired, take a break the project. Don't stick with it and screw it up like me. Lol

  19. RealChic4eva says:

    Finally finished. Left the yoke free because I just didn't trust my ability to stitch in the ditch. Also took the time to fix that pocket. Glad I did.

  20. Best tutorial ever so precise and clear thanks for sharing your skills !

  21. how long will it take for me to really sew

  22. how long will it take for me to really sew

  23. how long will it take for me to really sew

  24. TrueStarKK says:

    I have a question about finishing the edge of the second yolk.  If I wanted to use a zigzag stitch, would I first fold up a 5/8 allowance, trim the edge and then sew – or would I fold up the seam allowance and zigzag stitch afterwards?  If I were to use pinking shears, do you trim the edge with those after folding up the allowance?

    I assume I'm trimming from the top and not cutting the fold away.  Apologies, this bit was a bit confusing to me.

  25. kamikea1 says:

    Amazing video! Exactly what I needed thank you so much you have been a tremendous blessing!!!!!

  26. Karen Hubler says:

    you are the best youtub Teacher!!!! i have ever lisn too. Thank you.

  27. mary barton says:

    hello. I don't understand. where is the first lesson please?

  28. Elewa says:

    The first dress I ever made had a circle skirt. This is definitely a very easy way for beginners to produce something as beautiful as what you've created. Nice tutorial – even with the lost footage haha!

  29. Mama Bear says:

    I am new to sewing and I've watched MANY tutorials. So far most have been pretty good but I must say that your tutorial is BY FAR the most straightforward and easy to understand. I have subscribed to your channel and THANK YOU so much for taking the time to put this together for us newbies. Well done!!

  30. Gry Eskedal says:

    The way you set the standards even if your followers are newbies is really fantastic. I am also moved emotionally by this tutorial. My mother died very young at the age of 43. She was a fantastic seamstress (is that a word in english) and learned me to saw as a child . Your way of teaching so much reminds me of her… Really high quality tutorial Anita!!

  31. Very good tutorial! Thank you!

  32. Viv Brown says:

    Excellent instructions!

  33. Thank you for showing us how to fix boo boos.

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