Beginner’s Sewing Course – Project #1 – Lesson 3 (Part 1) – The Circle Skirt

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January 10, 2017
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January 11, 2017

Welcome to the Beginner’s Sewing Course! This course will teach you the basics of sewing your own garments, using commercial patterns. In Lesson #3 you will sew your skirt.



  1. mchell1227 says:

    Thank you so much for your videos! As a beginner you have explained and helped me so much and in a way that Im not totally frustrated. I feel like I can do this! Thanks again so much! We also are praying for Brylee. Are her parents accepting donations and if so can I please have some info to send a donation. Thanks again!

  2. SewQue smith says:

    Hi Anita. I'm so glad to see you on YouTube! I've always wanted to learn to sew, so about 2 years ago I started my journey. I took a class at my local G Street Fabric store, and the class was ok. But afterwards, I decided that I would teach myself how to sew via the internet. So, I sought out on the internet. However, to preference it, before I sought out sewing videos on the internet, my quest to learn how to sew was ignited when I found Mimigstyle blog. She inspired me so much, I just had to learn. So, I took the class and I was on the hunt for online classes. Thank God for the world wide web, because I found many classes that helped me greatly. I love your videos because you give very detail and up close footage and instructions. Most online tutorials/classes are not as instructive as your videos. They are really needed. I have been sewing for a short period, and I still have so much to learn, so I have subscribed to your channel and I cannot wait to see what more you have to share with your subscribers. Please keep it up as we need someone with your expertise. Thanks so much!

  3. KiKi Renee says:

    New subbie. I haven't sewn in over 30 years, so you're helping me refresh my memory. Adding little Miss Brylee to my prayer list. ??

  4. Cari Floehr says:

    Your videos are perfect! I bought a sewing machine a year ago, but can't seem to get to a class at our local JoAnn's. Your videos are exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for explaining things so clearly and going slowly enough that even I can understand!

  5. Mirline K says:

    Ok. I'm sold! New subscriber? I've just discovered your channel/blog and I only skimmed through a few videos and I'm so excited to learn more from you and to complete the 1st lesson (going shopping- yay!) Your calming voice and attention to details/zooming in is a prefect way to teach. By the grace of God I pray Brylee Joy is well and healed. And I wish you much success!!! ?

  6. Maggie Rue says:

    Thanks anita you teach with so much patience and that is great course for a newbie like me. I really want to long how make some maxi dresses and skirts for myself. I will continue to what your your videos to get more understanding as i plan to get me a sewing machine to start to practice on. As they say {practice makes perfect}. I learned that the best beginner's machine is the {janome 2212 } Is that right? If not which one would be best for me to get started with? Please help i need your advise . Thanks anita God bless

  7. Love your courses. Thank you so very much. I'm really learning alot. Been sewing and quilting most my life but I'm new to clothing and working with a variety of fabrics. Again thanks and blessings to you.

  8. New subie, love that your videos are explained step by step, thanks. Also praying for Brylee, may the Lord Bless her little heart.

  9. sandy fritz says:

    Just stumbled upon your tutorials and love them. I plan to make this skirt. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your talent & time! And thank you for the opportunity to pray for Brylee.

  10. Prayers for Brylee and family! much love and positive energy your way :)

  11. There are so many videos on DIY clothes. The breakdown on this is amazing. Can't wait for my sewing machine and do this skirt! Thank you for posting these videos.

  12. Tonie Flores says:

    First time ever sewing….. I tried it on my own with other tutorials, and patterns, on my own. Needless to say, Not one single person would dare the major fails of "clothing garments " I've put together. But I found you and I have been starting to do everything like you say. I've been trying my patience and of course everything is making a lot more  sense. I love the way you explain everything with detail. I'm excited to try this new project. And all my love to Miss Brylee.

  13. RealChic4eva says:

    So I'm up to this part of my skirt. It's looking really janky, but you can tell it WANTS to be a skirt. Lol. I have to do better with cutting. It's not lining up like it should. Crossing my fingers that hemming will be my saving grace.

  14. You are such a great tutor!!! Do you actually teach sewing class in the area in which you live? I think they way you explain everything in such excellent detail you should be an instructor at a fashion design school teaching the sewing course. You really explain things in away a beginner would definitely understand with no problem. I'm a fashion design major and i like looking at tutorials and how others teach things.

  15. TrueStarKK says:

    Thank you for posting these tutorial videos.  I got the point where I need to sew the pocket pieces to the front and back of the dress, but I noticed that only two pieces will fit with right sides facing.  I cut out four pieces with the right side of the fabric facing up, but I think I needed to either flip the paper pattern piece or cut two on a fold to get four pieces that will match all sides of the skirt.

    Did I miss something?  I have extra fabric, so I can just cut more pieces.

  16. I really appreciate your basic sewing videos. Thank you!

  17. Bria Davis says:

    This makes me what a sewing machine so bad I might just get one my gramma does sewing and this makes me really whanna do sewing I think you inspired me to sew ?

  18. ndhernandez says:

    I have been really contemplating learning to sew because the price for a tulle skirt for my wedding shower is $90. I'm going to have to borrow my grandma's sewing machine because you have inspired me

  19. Jorien B. says:

    What's the update on Brylee? <3

  20. Irene Rivera says:

    I noticed you back stitch first.. is that better that going forward then back stitching, then going forward again?

  21. ndhernandez says:

    my skirt came out too big. and I triple checked my waist measurement :(

  22. Carmen Cruz says:

    Omg, I also have a Husqvana-I'm so excited

  23. Carmen Cruz says:

    Praying for Brylee- Bless her

  24. James Sensei says:

    Great video. Please ask little Brylee to chant Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo. she will be fine.

  25. E.G. Davis says:

    You are an AMAZING TEACHER, thank you!

  26. Lulluo M says:

    Thanks a lot dear, I've just bought my first machine and fabric. This is a great tutorial

  27. Angel Pie says:

    Hi Anita, where can I find the blog for your pocket pieces?

  28. I love your videos…. I have just started going to my local community centre for sewing social group and not knowing what to do…since watching your videos I feel like I have learned so much and this is just lesson 2. I am definitely going to spread the word about you and your videos. Keep up the good work!

  29. Netty Messam says:

    Hi! Antietam what type of fabric did you used to make this skirt. And you're a very good teacher, thank you very much.

  30. Nancy N says:

    I hope brylee is doing well. Anita you are just a natural teacher. Glad I found your channel I am learning how t sew and this is a great tutorial.

  31. i like how you explain love it thank you sooo much really really love it

  32. wow blessing i never thought i will understand thank you i did

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