Beginner’s Sewing Course – Project #1 – Circle Skirt – Lesson 1

Beginners Sewing Course – Day 1 – The Basics
December 11, 2016
Mmm, Pumpkin Pie
December 11, 2016

Welcome to the Beginner’s Sewing Course! This course will teach you the basics of sewing your own garments, using commercial patterns. In this lesson you will learn: 1) Take Waist Measurement; 2) Read Pattern Envelope; 3) Shop for Fabric & Notions; 4) Pre-treat Fabric. Enjoy!



  1. thank you very much for this video, this help me a lot because I'm very new beginner in sewing.

  2. Hello, I have a question I was hoping you could help me with. I want to buy the butterick envelope online but I'm not sure if the sizes eg AA or EE correspond to the British or American sizes?
    Thank you for your tutorials, they are the best ones out there by far!

  3. You are a fantastic teacher! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  4. I just found your channel….yay me! I just purchased my first sewing machine and I'm ready to learn to sew! Thanks for sharing and teaching! I'm so ready…I will be watching all your videos!

  5. wonderful tutorial..i love you already..thank you

  6. Lola M. says:

    Hi Anita. So happy to have come across your tutorials! I do sew, but it's been a long time since I've made any clothes for myself . I've skimmed through your lessons and must say, your teaching technique is so clear and easy to follow. So excited to get back into sewing for me! You are a wonderful find…..Of course I subscribed!!! Lola :)

  7. James Sensei says:

    Wow. Very well made video with lots of necessary details. What was really wonderful in this video was the trip to the store. I have never seen that in any sewing video online even though it is so essential! i get so lost in the store and it gets awkward to ask for directions especially if you are a beginner. Thank you very much!

  8. destine2grow says:

    I am so thankful I found your channel. I purchase my sewing machine over a year ago and still don't know how to sew. I took a couple of sewing classes at a local sewing studio, while I feel i learned a lot in the second class. I am still confused and am so scared of making mistakes or modifications. Which I ran into in one of my classes. I like the pace and how clearly you spoke. A lot of time with online courses, I find the move to fast or do not show every step. Thank you again for this tutorial.

  9. Wadza 1 says:

    Thank you and thank you so much. You are such a good teacher. I am glad I found your channel as well. I am new to sewing and your videos are giving me hope.

  10. D Pettit says:

    Wow! Thank you so very much. You are a fabulous instructor. I am new to sewing and now a new subscriber to your channel. I'm going to buy some fabric and get this first project started.

  11. Hi Anita!! Thank you very much for your tutorial! I'm new sewing and I have a question when you said that we need to pre-treat our fabrics (i.e if it's Dry cleaning to take to the dry cleaners ) Do I need to sew the border previously so it doesn't fray? Thanks!

  12. Lisa Moore says:

    This is my 2nd time watching since I now have the material and supplies needed. I feel much more confident and ready to get started. I feel that these videos are a true blessing to me right now. No other sources for sewing have been inspirational or very effective for me. I've gone through terrible health problems & much negativity in my life for some time now. Although I do have a good spiritual routine, Its still good to have a hobby to bring some comfort too. Sewing is my "get away". You are not only a great tutor for sewing but you're beautiful inside & out. Your abilities and personality shine through your videos and resinates very well with us viewers. Because of your beginning sewing series, now I can sew my own fancy clothing line. Something I've always wanted to do but didn't think possible. I want to feel good about myself again and the way I look. Finding you in Youtube land has made a positive impact on my life. Thank you for the tutorials!

  13. Hey Anita. That was a really great job! I've got confused about the sizing part though. From the video, it seemed like the measurement on your tape was ~30, which would lead to a size 16 based on the chart you showed. Later in the pattern picking, you chose a AA measurement range (6-12). Can you give me an brief explanation on how that conversion was done? Sorry if the question looks a little silly. Thanks.

  14. This was so helpful ! Didn't miss any details and loved the pro tips! Quick question, what would you do if someone is a Small in waste and a large in hips or just different size measurements ?

  15. Hi Anita. I have been wanting to lean sewing for a while, and I am so happy that I found your videos. You explain things so well :). I'm having my sewing machine serviced right now, but I can't wait to follow along your videos.

  16. mo baygy says:

    I am a 59 years-old man and never seen anyone teach like you.
    you are the best.
    I like to learn sewing.
    l saw no 1 video about pattern.
    I can't find no 2 and …how I can find those.
    please forgive me for my English because I am second language.
    with regards
    Mo baygy

  17. Rose Lopez says:

    Thank you your good explaining everything .

  18. abcd efgh says:

    This is an amazing video! I'm just starting out sewing and this is so thoughtfully put together and so comprehensive! Thank you so much, I cant wait to see all of your other videos as well. :)

  19. Delady Fonky says:

    Thank the heavens i stumbled on your channel. I have zero idea about sewing. I have never attempted it before and i decided to take it up; who knows what might become of me tomorrow through sewing. Can i get that pattern envelope online too and does every dress style have an envelope pattern as well ?

  20. This is the best beginning sewer video I have ever seen. You have a new subscriber. It's like having a personal sewing instructor right in my home!

  21. Lindsay says:

    This is such a wonderful tutorial!! I'm 31 years old and just got my firs sewing machine and didn't really know anything about sewing. Anita, the way you outlined this video and walked your viewers through every step of the journey is easy to understand and doesn't leave any unanswered questions. After watching this I feel like I could follow your instructions and sew something successfully. You have a new subscriber!!

  22. New Subscriber Here!!! I appreciate your teaching style and look forward to expanding my sewing skills. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  23. Are fabric stores going to be like this in Canada as well? What fabric store did you go to?

  24. andree marie says:

    Just what I've been looking for.. Just subscribed!   :-)

  25. Thank you so much for example it the right way. Your the BEST!!!!!

  26. I'm a bit confused with these patten envelopes, where it suggests fabrics, there's also (unsuitable for obvious.. ) does that mean the fabrics listed aren't good ?

  27. Tapzn says:

    Been wanting to learn how to sew for quite some time, THANKS to your videos now I have confidence. Best beginner video I've seen.. GB xo

  28. could you do a tutorial on how to downsize a sewing pattern? I've been searching YouTube, and only found videos on how to upgrade

  29. Thank you. I haven't sewed in fifteen years and need to start again because of my daughter's body shape.

  30. Mai Gali says:

    Are you familiar with the Antelope Valley?!? Your Jo Ann's layout looks just like mine!! ?

  31. Ali W. says:

    This is fantastic – I just subscribed! Thank you for making these beginner videos. I am looking forward to gaining confidence in my sewing skills with the help of your great videos. I love how you even took us to the fabric store! :-)

  32. Summer O. says:

    Hi Anita, just wanted to say thank you for doing this. I'm very new to sewing. You are an amazing teacher!!!

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