Beginners Sewing Course – Day 3 – Sewing Basics

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December 16, 2016
Pattern Hack | Sewaholic’s Renfrew top as a dress
December 16, 2016

In our Beginners Sewing Course – Day 3 we go through sewing basics for stitching on the sewing machine, pinning techniques, how to solve tension problems and how to improve sewing accuracy.

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Sewing Machine – Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116
Thread – Gutermann Sew All Polyester
Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread – Colour: #800 White
Needles – Schmetz (Universal)
Universal Machine Needles | Pack of 5
Pins – Sew Easy, Glass Headed Pins 38mm –
Pins – Sew Easy, Glass Headed Pins Extra Long (available in 44m and 51mm)
Scissors – Fiskars Embroidery Scissors –
Magnetic Seam Gauge –




  1. Hello! I've always wanted to learn to sew (I asked my Gran to teach me once and said 'Take a course') and now that I am three seasons into Velvet, I am decided that by this time next year I will be a good skilled beginner. Thank you for the videos. Any recommendations for machined for beginners? I live in the US.

  2. Love your videos so much!!!

  3. I just started sewing.. is quilting or making throw pillows good for beginners?

  4. I've only just discovered your channel this evening and I'm so glad I did! I've been planning to take up sewing and I already feel armed with much more knowledge and confidence. Both your content and delivery are excellent. Thank you!

  5. My wife loved your tutorials and she made me watch them, but for real, you are amazing.

  6. papermason says:

    Great tips! I'm a beginner sewer at 57 years old. I love it!! This is so helpful. Thanks for posting this video.

  7. Cool and well done.

  8. i am very glad to follow with your youtube. make easy on my sewing lesson for high school kids.

  9. Tuyo12 says:

    Thank goodness that I read down further to see that you still answer questions. I have just purchased the 118 and was trying to check if I had everything correct. it looks good but when I sew, it makes two or three good stitches then gets knotted underneath. what has I done wrong as I have redone the bobbin four times already thinking that this may be the issue. Thank yo in advance for your help.

  10. thanks so much for the tension section! it was a Godsend! thank you for the help.

  11. Love these videos.  I'm teaching myself to sew at 50 and your videos are really helping me with the foundational information we don't get at home just sitting with the manual and our machine.  It's like going to a class in your sewing room.  Thanks again and I look forward to learning more from you.  :-)

  12. Tuyo12 says:

    I have figured out the issue. Now I just have to learn how to read a pattern. I rethreaded the machine and realized i had missed an area.

  13. Tuyo12 says:

    Thanks so much for the information. I await your video. They really helped a lot.

  14. Timonlex Na says:

    Congrats on your engagement. All the best with wedding preparation. Just make sure to have some good rest at least 2-3days before the wedding. Have a wonderful, happy and blessed marriage.

  15. Ange W says:

    Nice clear presentation. Not a criticism – I am just wondering why not use tacking stitches, instead of leaving in pins? Wouldn't tacking make it easier to run the fabric straight through without stopping to remove pins? Also, do modern machines not take a ruffler or gatherer foot? Of course, every seamstress has her own methods so is it just a matter of preference?
    I have just bought a singer 201k, after not sewing since my teens in the 1970's. Lol. I was never well taught with this at school so I am very pleased to have found your tutorials. Clear, concise but well enough explained without waffling (as some do). I am sure I shall fill in a lot of gaps in my knowledge from you. Thank you for your time and effort in making and posting these :)

  16. Ange W says:

    Oh, you're to be a bride :)Many congratulations to you and the lucky young man! And best wishes for a lifetime of health, wealth and happiness together.
    Are we going to see a video of you in your wedding dress? I do hope so.

  17. so help full on my 3rd video !

  18. Sandi S says:

    I sewed for about 2 years before I stopped watching the needle. It's common sense but for some reason people do it. I liked "the needle's not gonna come and get me". HA HA! I wish I had found this series earlier. Excellent. I learned some tips I didn't know or never thought about. Thanks.

  19. Love your channel! I'm new to sewing and this is precisely what I needed.

  20. This is brilliant – thank you so much

  21. Is it possible to tension the bobbin thread, or are all tension settings on the needle side?

  22. omg!
    you're an angel. I spent a week frustrating myself. (Newbie here). Your explanations on tensions totally helped me understand what I was doing wrong and correct it. thank you!

  23. My mother used to embroider a lot; can you do embroider on a Singer?

  24. please may i take you out for a drink but bet you live the other side of the world

  25. just watching your chanel with a trifle i just bought a boat and trying to do it to a high spec

  26. you are so nice and willing to give your time iam very impressed x

  27. Eliza Anam says:

    I wish this was available 10 years ago when I had a lot of fine silks, no stitching courses available and zero help. I had to figure out most of described here by trial and error. Not to mention the horrible machine I started with. =) Thanks a lot for these videos. Each and every video has so many valuable tips. Great channel!

  28. Prasanna A says:

    Wow! well organised tutorial.Very useful tips for the beginners like me.Thanks a lot!!

  29. Thank you putting up this video! I did a half ass sewing job for a Halloween costume and I enjoyed sewing to the point where I want to make it a new hobby. You helped explain the tension better then the manual to my machine and now I understand how it works!

  30. I'm reupholstering cushions. And using a heavy fabric. I'm finding that my machine isn't self feeding, and I keep jamming up. any suggestions?

  31. Nice video I'm really into it

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