Beginners Sewing Course – Day 2 – Fabric Preparation

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December 15, 2016
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December 15, 2016

Join us in Day 2 of our Beginners Sewing Course and learn all about the fabric you should be working with. Tips on preparing fabric, pinning patterns and cutting out. As well as techniques on how to easily mark your fabric to prepare for sewing.

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Day 2 –
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Sewing Machine – Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116
Scissors – Gingher Microserrated 8″
Pins – Sew Easy, Glass Headed Pins 38mm –
Pins – Sew Easy, Glass Headed Pins Extra Long (available in 44m and 51mm)
Cutting Mat –
Sew Easy 18″ x 2″ Ruler –
Olfa Rotary Cutter 45mm –
Carbon Paper –
Carbon Paper (I used) –
Tracing Wheel –
Clover Chaco Liner Chalk Pen (Yellow & White) –
Hemline Wipe Off Fabric Marker (comes off with water) –




  1. your videos are so helpful and you explain everything so well. Thank you so much for these!

  2. Sam Cole says:

    Thank you very much for a very in depth tutorial. You are so helpful to a beginner sewer like me. Just purchase a new sewing machine and can't wait to use it with your pointers on sewing in mind. My first project is gonna be a decorative pillow. Do you have any suggestion of what kind of stitch to use, fabric etc?

  3. How do you cut out a pattern correctly?

  4. SFC EB says:

    When you are cutting the fabric from the pattern, does the size line include the seam allowance or do you cut one size larger as the seam allowance? All I have used my sewing machine for over the past 20 years is to sew patches onto my military uniforms so I new to the use of patterns. Great videos, they have helped me alot and I look forward to your response.

  5. squange20 says:

    The best tutorial for beginners. I'm a Brit now living in NZ and have had a Singer machine for two years and have been too scared to use it as the manual is rubbish. Thanks for this. Will now give it a go.

  6. Donna ONeill says:

    Very helpful! Purchased my first pattern and this helped me understand the markings on the pattern pieces!

  7. Thc14Me says:

    Great tutorials, thanks for taking the time to make them. I collect vintage sewing machines and your vids have helped me to actually use them.

  8. Gary Lewis says:

    hi, great videos, clear professional presentations. I was more intetested in the day 1 vid u did, superb. If u ever want to think about other tutorials, think guys too! Us lads r getting to using machines now too (more occassional use) like for altering older jeans we're we
    like to make'em slimmer or adjust T shirts, etc,. as retailers think guys are all the same height for off the peg clothes. Cheers and thanks.

  9. Samayyah Ali says:

    Hello, I have just discovered your videos, they are really great! Thank you for making them 🙂 I am interested in moving on from sewing cushions to clothes. I was wondering where I could get patterns from that aren't expensive?

  10. DeWayneTV says:

    is velvet an easy fabric to start with??

  11. Bev Tooth says:

    I've just ordered 6 easy sew patterns ranging from pj's, dresses and skirts since watching your videos. You are very easy to listen to and learn from. Thanks for the time you have taken putting these video classes on here for us new sewers :)

  12. Sanjida Alam says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say that you're my best teacher! Out of all the sewing channels, I find the most elaborate and comprehensive classes from you and you only. I love how you use example and sample fabrics of stitches and tensions. It really helps not-so-bright beginners like me. I'm going through your videos like a marathon and everything seems so easy to understand. You're always so generous and detailed with your teaching. Thank you so much! I have a question however, I was hoping, if you see this comment out of hundreds, if you could do a tutorial on starter tools for beginners. For example: the notcher, awl, tracing wheel and each of their functions, also if you could mention the height of the pattern cutting table. I'm so glad I found you. I can't thank you enough. And, YOU ARE SO PRETTY! I hope you see my comment. Have a lovely day!

  13. Sandra Star says:

    Hi I want to learn to sew, I am a new subscriber

  14. happy200able says:

    Hi!! I am a young girl age of 11 and truly love your videos!'please tell me any tips you think I should know!! Thank you

  15. Hello, Where can I buy sewing pattern for 9 years old girl's long sleeved dress? I live in the U.K. Please provide a website. Thank you

  16. Bev Tooth says:

    No Khayyam they were just patterns that were easy to sew.

  17. Bev Tooth says:

    Yes Khayyam they all include the paper patterns which you put on your fabric and cut around. Each paper pattern has several lines around for different sizes. You select the size you need and cut on the line for that size. Pin to fabric then cut it out. Every make of pattern whether its Vogue, Butterwick, Simplicity etc ALL include the patterns to make the item pictured on the front of the packet. I hope this is what you wanted to know otherwise I can't help you.

  18. Thanks!! Been looking for a great video to watch and learn with my daughter:)

  19. Yuri Young says:

    Hi! Thank you for the videos, they are helpful! Don't you need to wash and dry the fabric before cutting so that the final product doesn't shrink?

  20. very helpful and information videos!!!! I just baught a sewing machine and your videos are helping so much !

  21. Very informative n helpful:-)

  22. Hai Van says:

    Very informative Video.
    Thank you from Viet Nam. I am learning to sew beach bags.

  23. Mieko Patton says:

    Is a press ironing?

  24. Tanis C says:

    This is amazing! I'm very very interested in learning how to sew and your videos are extremely helpful and easy to understand. Subscribed!

  25. it is important to mention that the fabric you are recommending for beginners is woven…not knit. i do respect all the information in your videos.

  26. Hadeed Wafi says:

    Hi I'm new sabscriber ur program it's great course for new learner ?

  27. Kuch Rang says:

    thanks a lot mam u know my dream come true

  28. DAVY-D-TV says:

    im finding it impossible to learn from Aneka, her eyes are too distracting haha ;)

  29. jacqui g says:

    thank you so much for your videos , I'm learning how to sew and I don't have time to go to a live class , and you explain things perfectly. blessings

  30. El G says:

    So, if the vertical grain is wrong, can you use that fabric? I'm not sure how you fix it.

  31. GRACE Jones says:

    thank you for this excellent tutorial.

  32. Artime Silk says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial! I used Day 1 to put thread the needle and do all that. I can't wait to start sewing-post prep and beginner stuff

  33. Smile Lay says:

    Thank you so much.

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