Beginners Sewing Course – Day 1 – The Basics

Adding Piping to a Flap or Collar: The Easy Way
December 11, 2016
Beginner’s Sewing Course – Project #1 – Circle Skirt – Lesson 1
December 11, 2016

Join our Beginners Sewing Course – Day 1 and learn how to thread a sewing machine, wind a bobbin and understand the needle and thread you should be using for your projects. We will working on a Husqvarna Viking, Emerald 116 sewing machine.

Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 ––qhq25s
Day 4 –
Day 5 –

Blog Post on Thread Choices & Uses:

Sewing Machine – Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116
Thread – Gutermann Sew All Polyester
Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread – Colour: #800 White
Needles – Schmetz (Universal)
Universal Machine Needles | Pack of 5




  1. Mian Adeel says:

    Really wonderful aneka……????
    And thanks alot☺️☺️☺️

  2. I have a Viking Emerald 116, can you please tell me what numbers the three front dials should be set on, what the tension number should be, and the setting for the left side wheel. Thanks.

  3. This is great Thank you so much for making these fantastic and very  helpful videos. I am so pleased to have found you . 🙂 JuliAnn

  4. Very clear and helpful, thank you.

  5. beijoslindos says:

    I'm starting a new business, and have never used a sewing machine in my life. Your video is so well done and explained, that I'm feeling confident in my ability to do this!

  6. this helps me remember what I forgot I learned in high school. glad I found it

  7. Cathy Veux says:

    Pleasant to look at
    Great info
    Pleasant to listen to
    Subscribed! ?❤️

  8. Thanks for the video. It is so helpful. ? I sent an email to the address in the description box. Help please? Thanks!

  9. Sadie Brown says:

    thank you for the video x

  10. Raed Shareef says:

    I never have come across your sewing machine brand name ! .

  11. Love the videos!!! Thank you.

  12. Hi, I have checked out your page and was wondering if you had any hand sewing tutorials? I can't afford a sewing machine, but want to start sewing. thanks!!

  13. this was very helpful and thorough! I really enjoyed your tips and information, and you are so sweet! :)

  14. I am a beginner and I totally enjoyed this video. It is very clear and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Elin W says:

    So happy to see that you have the same swedish sewing machine I have, was not expecting that! :)

  16. what's the best machine to start with? thanks

  17. You are a Beginners Sewing Angel;
    Good Luck, God Bless, and Thank you;
    Keep up the Great work…

  18. I was able to understand how to teach myself and use my machine that my husband bought me. Thank you for being clear and easy to understand!!

  19. I like how detailed you explain things. Seems like you really enjoy what you are doing. Good job! :)

  20. I'm making a child's pinafore dress, any tips on what thread to use ?

  21. This is perfect for anyone just beginning. Thanks.

  22. Vivo says:

    Wow u are a good teacher, mastered this and am so excited about using my machine for the first time. Thank you

  23. TheDicle says:

    Hi dear Aneka,
    I had no idea how to start my machine (Singer) and wind a bobin. I learned it through your video. I have been furiously sweing the past 2 days. After 20 hours of sewing and ripping many stitches open and re-stitching, I have finally made my first dress.
    The most challenging part was the back neck facing. There are no videos anywhere (which are clear) on cowl necks and neck facings. I had to improvise.
    Would you recommend your machine? Does it perform well on all kinds of fabrics? I had lots of problems with tension and the needle. I changed my needle size so many times, until my machine was happy. I have still a long way ahead of me, until I understand what my machine wants for each fabric. But the most difficult thing is to adjust the right tension. It's sooo confusing!
    Thank you for your videos. Please keep them up. Do you a book?
    Do you plan to sew vintage designed dress on video some day?
    Have a nice weekend.
    Dicle (Deegleigh)

  24. TheDicle says:

    By the way. I'm so glad your machines invisible zipper foot is the same like mine. I had no problems in sewing one into my dress.

  25. TheDicle says:

    Dear Aneka, could you recommend a web site if possible, where there are plus sized vintage style dresses? Thank you :-)

  26. Jan Lukeš says:

    I really like this series, the video and sound quality makes it nice to watch. Thank you.

  27. neaumusic says:

    she's pretty but not very concise

  28. Sara Alsaleh says:

    Thank you for making this so easy and obvious !!! <3 You're the best !!

  29. GREAT tutorials! Thank you!

  30. GRACE Jones says:

    fabulous instructions. so very very clear. thank you very much indeed. im sure i cant go wrong.

  31. Great video, thank you for sharing!

  32. How can you teach how to use a sewing machine to beginners when most sewing machines are different?!

  33. VideoNOLA says:

    10:25 No mention yet of the foot pedal's existence, so true beginners may wonder what magic has caused the machine to engage here. :-)

  34. Can you recommend a good beginner sewing machine? I have done lots of research, but I keeps winding up with bad reviews of everything. I would prefer a non-computerized one. Thanks of any suggestions.

  35. thank you so much I've been looking into starting to learn how to sew and this is so easy to follow

  36. Amina Sullen says:

    Thank you so much!

  37. w0rk0fG0d says:

    The absolute best video on YouTube! I'm so glad I found you. I just opened up an old Kenmore machine someone gave me with no manual and have been fumbling around, trying to figure out how to do something I've never done before. Although I'm still having trouble with the bobbin (I've broken 3 needles in 4 hours) I'm looking forward to your next videos. If you still get notifications for this post I'd like to ask you if you can tell me what I'm doing wrong on my particular machine. Thanks!!

  38. Thank you so much! Very easy to follow and understand. Waiting until tomorrow when hubby and kids are out to have a go!

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