Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Knits (Episode 10)

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August 10, 2017
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August 11, 2017
There is a common myth going around that sewing knit fabric is hard. Well, we’re here to disprove those rumors and put you on the road to endless t-shirts, maxi dresses, and yoga pants.
Sure, sewing jersey and spandex is a little different than sewing 100% cotton, but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be a pro.
After you watch our video, go out and try making a simple tank top or raglan. You’ll be a DIY fashionista (or fashionister?) in no time!

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00:16 Make Up of Knit
00:20 Types of Knits
00:55 Grain
01:13 Needles
02:03 Cutting
03:30 Construction / Stitches
06:08 Tips/Trick for Sewing

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  1. Susan Care says:

    Brilliant, thanks! Any advice on sewing sleeves to the main section of fabric? I find it especially tricky to avoid the fabric puckering.

  2. everytime i sew spandex together i always pin exactly in place but ends up stretching out of place and the aides become uneven.. how do i avoid this

  3. Thx: very much needed, as I'm a beginner, who prefers to do it right the 1st time & learn from those who are more experienced then I am: again, Thx!!

  4. you have saved my life today. now I can confidently complete with what I have started and have a professional finished look project.

  5. Sarah, awesome video..

  6. This is a great video and tutorial and have 'Pocketed' it for future reference. I learnt a lot. Thank you.

  7. Sarah Mawson says:

    I am a beginner at sewing, though I did some years back. I love all your video's, you have a way of making the subject interesting and you have an appealing voice. Done with complements. This video is great, I have just started with Microfleece and the density is testing my resolve and my Janome J-318. I have settled for Sharp needles as no other would pierce – basting by hand tricky pieces. The Walking Foot and I are still a work in progress. Thank you.

  8. Suzanne Emry says:

    Thank you. Very helpful. I have tried to so knits before on simple projects. (Keyword: tried). I am about to sew my first dress with a knit and am very nervous. Obviously, I want to look nice. Thankfully, I saved my scraps so I can practice the bejabbers out of this before I start the actual dress

  9. You are truly a marvel. You get to the point and have excellent examples. Thank so much!

  10. All i can say is thank god my machine has the walking top foot

  11. omg that nail polish is awesome

  12. Thank you for your time and advice! So helpful! Definitely learned a lot 💓

  13. Liz Charles says:

    Wow, that was so helpful! Thank you very much x

  14. Rara Avis says:

    Ah, I wish we'd had youtube when I started sewing 20 years ago…I avoided jersey fabric for years (till I could afford a serger…) – now everyone just about everywhere can get all the information they need. I still marvel at it sometimes!

  15. Thank you for posting this. I'm a bit confused. Did you say use a stretch or ball point needle for lycra?

  16. Daphne Lee says:

    hi sarah, excellent info in your video! i have 2 questions. 1) would what you have talked about in sewing knits apply to stretchy velvet? i want to use velvet to make a throw pillow (still choosing the fabric). 2)is stretchy velvet more difficult to sew than non-stretchy velvet? thanks for answering my questions. : )

  17. Thank you! I've been sewing a long time, but every time I've tried to jump into a simple knit project, it's cause to all my stress, haha. I want to make a pair of leggings and will definitely use your video to help with pointers in doing so!

  18. Teri Looney says:

    This was helpful!Thanks for the great tips. 👍😊

  19. dramaqueenlp says:

    This was a really helpful video. Can you tell me for the knit/overlock stitch where is that stitch? I know all sewing machines are different but I didn't even see it on your sewing machine.

  20. I've watched a few tutorials on knit fabrics. Yours was very informative, with information I can really use. Thanks!

  21. Hi. My machine is straight stitch and i want that the fabric still stretchy after i sew. Help please. Thanks

  22. Laverne B says:

    thanks so much! I'm actually learning from your Video! You're funny too "Bucket of crazy" Bahahaha

  23. Ellie Larsen says:

    Excellent teaching – Thank you for all the tips… In such a short time, you have covered so much… One amazing teacher you would be. Thank you very much..

  24. thank it help a lot.

  25. Wow, this was super helpful. I've been watching as many tutorials on how to sew with knits as possible and this was by far the best. I love the pros and cons breakdown of the different stitch options for knit fabrics. Thanks!

  26. Julia McHugh says:

    I am struggling to get my machine to cope with a four way stretch fabric. Any tips?

  27. Great tutorial. I am going to sew my 1st Figure Skating dress and I really needed this 🙂

  28. I'm so happy I found this video all the vids I'd watched so far said I had to use a specific stitch that my mums singer (20+ years old) machine just wouldn't be able to do this will make things so much easier

  29. La Vi says:

    You're so informative! Thank you! As a beginner, I have a problem: my sewing machine is skipping stitches. I've tried paper (not tissue), pulling fabric,… it just won't sew stretchy fabric. What could I do? Please somebody help me!

  30. Thank you for the video. It's really good. You explain everything in a structured way and easy to understand. This helps me a lot to understand how to deal with this bad guy (knit fabric).

  31. Little 1 says:

    Great tips in this! Regarding your tip of using stabilizer; I actually use cheap coffee filters for small areas. I can usually get about 300 for a few bucks and it tears off very easily.

  32. k sp says:

    this is the BEST tutorial i've seen so far. its to the point and really informative as well as helpful. THANKS!!!

  33. I have a serger wihich has a coverstitch function and I'm trying to finish a neckline with a slight 'V'. it was rounded but it was too high so I cut it down into a V neck……..your thoughts on how to do that? the fabric is a slippery and kind of thin knit.

  34. Cee1505 says:

    I love the information in this video and will refer to it many times!  I'm finally going to try sewing with knits and purchased a couple patterns for knits and one I'm not sure what kind of material it is. Do you have any suggestions or tips on buying fabric? One of my patterns recommended Challis, Crepe, Lawn, or Cotton Knit. We have a Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Walmart but no one was able to help me find those.  None of the bolts actually had those names on them.  I obviously don't know my fabrics!!

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