Beginner’s Guide to Sewing (Episode 1): Understanding Your Machine

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December 17, 2016
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December 17, 2016

Hey Everyone! This is episode 1 of our Beginner’s Guide to Sewing; here you’ll learn the ins and outs of your sewing machine. We’ll also teach you how to thread your machine, as well as how to wind and install a front loading and top loading bobbin. No matter how basic or advanced your machine is, the principals taught here are universal.

Our new series is all out helping everyone learn the very basics of sewing. We build a strong foundation by teaching the basic machine parts and what they do. Then, move on to supplies and decoding/cutting patterns. By episode 4, you’ll be anxiously sitting at your sewing machine ready to sew your first seam!

Stay tuned and join us every Thursday for a new episode!
Next week’s episode: Basic Sewing Supplies

As always, if you have any questions PLEASE feel free to contact us via the comment section below or through our various social medias (we we’re beginners once, too!):

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  1. Actually more than 2 types of bobbin systems; my mother's 1961 White has a side [left end loading] bobbin.

  2. ?? at 10:59 "top right-hand corner". thought it was top left-hand corner; I'm confused.

  3. Very helpful! As someone with low vision, contrast is very important for maximum visibility.  For demonstration purposes, or when getting tension balance set, it is helpful to use two contrasting thread colors, and/or contrasting fabric colors, to make things seen more easily — especially against a white-colored machine body. White thread against a white machine – with clear sections — just makes the details disappear, even without the challenge of low vision. Thanks!

  4. david lavitt says:


  5. wdforty plus says:

    Clear and easy. When I hear of someone having difficulty with their sewing/machine I mention sewing parts online. Remember, you can't please all the people all the time!  Fabulous! Keep up the good work Sarah! 

  6. Erin Moore says:

    I love your delivery!  Very informative

  7. Janet Cozens says:

    Hi there have just subscribed great instructions and very helpful

  8. Janet Cozens says:

    Such very clear instructions

  9. Sheisme H says:

    luv your lessons but the needle chart stated as free is not it is $6.99 free shipping

  10. Paris Romero says:

    Edit audio to say "Top left corner" instead of the "top right corner." Will really mess up dyslexics.

  11. nld1960 says:

    Great service, thank you so much

  12. Jeff says:

    After "rewinding" several times, I still don't know what you said at 2:28 – "the thread is flossed between the two disks" Huh? What are disks? Have you already explained "what is a disk"? Maybe you said "desk". Remember, we are beginners. I wish there was "closed captioning" so I could understand/read what you're saying. This makes twice already where I'm unsure of what you said – after only 2 minutes of the video have elapsed!

  13. Jeff says:

    Okay .. great, I just found the CC button. Now all I've gotta do is figure out what is "a desk". You're likely talking about parts of the sewing machine that you haven't explained yet. (I did verify that this video says "Episode 1") If I were to explain to a beginner "How to Change Your Spark Plug Wires", I'm sure I would FIRST explain to them that you've gotta open the hood of the car.

  14. Jeff says:

    Never mind.. sorry. I give up. The CC can't even understand what you're saying. It's no use. You'll see what I mean if you turn it on and play your own video. Again sorry, while you think I'm just a grouch, I came here to learn how to use a sewing machine my very first time BUT CAN'T because you speak of parts that I never heard of yet…. desk.

  15. I' just got a singer sewing machine now it was all working fine I think I broke it I'm a new … i need help my handle that lifts up n down the presser foot isn't working how do I fix it 

  16. Do you have exter feet for singer 5400 not just the one the come the m  Machine

  17. Lianne Paul says:

    I'm very thankful to you for sharing your assistance here. I found it very beneficial. *thumbs up

  18. Hi. Thanks so much for the video. I have an old Empisal goldline super deluxe sewing machine and am struggling to thread it. I don't have the user manual and all the links that I find online lead to deadends. Can you help?

  19. Thank you so much..I bought a new Brother sewing machine and I know nothing about sewing but I really want to learn and I am passionate about that..your video is really helpful for me to understand my machine and it gave me  a nice push, good start :)

  20. I just got my very first sewing machine at a yard sale and wasn't sure how to even get started on what went where
    I was nervous but yet so excited to get going.. I'm a little lost on my sewing machine it's a old really heavy machine I don't know the name but it sure has a lot going on on it has a lots of knobs and numbers and dots lol ..

  21. hallecats says:

    Your video really helped me, thanks
    Please, post more sewing videos for beginners

  22. hallecats says:

    How do you know when the bobbin is full?

  23. I love this video!!! I have watched several and none of them explain or show what they are doing to the extent this video did. Again thank you.. look forward to some more REAL beginners video

  24. chopseee says:

    really good tutorial video, easy to understand and thorough, subscribed.

  25. Sakura Shine says:

    Hi! My name is Sakura Shine I have been wondering how to sew, but I have difficulties for setting the machine up. I also don't atually know how to sew using it. It looks really hard. Could someone give me an adives. Thanks

  26. you are funny i really did go get myself some coffee and an aspirin lol i was already having a headache from all the other videos i watched lol ty so much

  27. aiyabebe says:

    I really want to get started on sewing, I want to develop it into my new hobby. Besides watching YouTube videos, where else could I get started? I don't know anything about sewing, I need a sewing 101 lesson, any suggestion?? Thanks

  28. my machine can sew few seconds and it can't sew again

  29. Thank you lovely videos i you are a great tutor am a beginner this is really helpful…stay blessed from Zambia..

  30. omg your video is so amazing it made things so easy I tried doing it on my own it took me two hours and I couldnt make it work and I watch your video and in less than 15 minutes everything was perfect and ready to go. you are amazing

  31. Really helpful! Thank you

  32. xyndey says:

    very helpful. thanks

  33. You are so helpful already! I have a feeling I will be watching a lot of your videos. My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas and I have never sewed a day in my life. Hoping I can get the hang of this, fingers crossed! ?

  34. KJ Davis says:

    I ran across this accidentally and watched it as a refresher. I've been sewing all my life. It was great, thank you!!

  35. Cindy L says:

    Hi! So glad to find your site! Can you direct me to a video that demonstrates how to attach the snap on adapter and presser foot?

  36. received a Singer sewing machine with the front loading Bobby but can't seem to remove the plastic bobbin out of the metal casing.

  37. Terri Harper says:

    What will make your bobbin and case keep popping out when trying to sew?

  38. Melatina77 says:

    I have a problem. I have a Kenmore that is a mechanical machine since it is over 30 years old. It works pretty well but my spool pins just dropped inside the machine. I opened up the machine and found that the bushings that hold the spool pins had cracked so I pulled them out, ordered new ones from Sears and installed them. My problem is that the pins still fall through and into the machine. It seems like there should have been something that holds the pins and let me push them up and down like it used to work. Can you tell me what is missing?

  39. Matty Tee says:

    This was great! Thanks.

  40. Sarah Blue says:

    I have the sewing machine that was the front loading bobbin on in you video. I have a problem with the tension and the stich comes out loose on top. I don't know what to do. and I've done everything like you examples and changed the tension knob and the stich and this problem is still happening. please help me if you would.

  41. Lyss Nara says:

    Awesome video..Thanks for uploading!

  42. Please help!
    My mother gave me her old sewing machine and it's missing a bunch of pieces. Should I order the pieces online or should I buy a new machine all together?

  43. muriellove99 says:

    Which machines are in the video?

  44. Viv Wallace says:

    Dreams of starting to sew within 5 minutes POP. 🙁
    It's much more complicated than I thought.

  45. J Suparman says:

    Comprehensive explanation noted. Thanks.

  46. Rasha Hasan says:

    Thank you so much

  47. P. Kelly says:

    What a thorough and clear tutorial this was and thank you! I can't wait to see the rest of your videos and get back to sewing again after decades of interruption.

  48. My friend just gave me her old brother LS 590 to learn on. Your videos have been SO helpful as I'm still at the starting point of figuring out what is enough pressure, how to make a straight line, etc…

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