Beginner’s Guide to Serging (Ep 1): Getting Started

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January 16, 2017
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January 17, 2017

Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide to Serging! In this series we go everything you need to know about Overlock machines. We’ll teach you about the parts, the tools, and the stitches, as well as how to thread your machine quickly and efficiently. Join us in learning all there is to know about these wonderful machines.

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  1. Oh boy! Do I need this series! Can't wait for the next installment! Thanks!

  2. havfaith S. says:

    Oh my, thank you for this series.

  3. THANK GOODNESS! I have been looking for serging classes in my area w/no success. Since I sewed my entire Fall/Winter wardrobe in knits I thought I'd learn to serge them all since it looks like I'm addicted to these wonderful knits and continue through Spring and Summer as well. The items that I purchase off-the-rack are done entireley w/sergers but I have no clue how to use one so I am VERY grateful for you sharing and for YT coz I would never have been able to make my creative dreams come true! TFS! (HUUGS) and much continued success to you. ^ _ ^

  4. Sha_ Cole says:

    it's nice to see you thanks for the tutorial! !!!

  5. Tina Wemyss says:

    Thank you for giving me some confidence! Wanting to learn to do a rolling hem if you can understand what I mean!

  6. I have an older Singer 3 thread serger and these classes, although using a newer model will be a YUGE help to me?! Thanks for all the time you take to make these videos. DD

  7. i need it too great video

  8. Natalie Biss says:

    Perfect timing, my roommate and I just bought a serger a few weeks back!

  9. TorTor304 says:

    PLEASE add the next episode! Desperately need it! I can't wait! Haha! Your so great at explaining!!

  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!! Sara, thanks sooooooooooooooo much! My goodness this series on serging is a big blessing to me! Thanks beautiful lady! You have made my day!

    Many Many Blessings,

  11. Liz Bixby says:


  12. Thank you!! This is so needed. Now a days not many of us have moms or grandmothers who can teach us. This helps so much. I make cloth pads and will branch out to diapers as we may have an additional little one coming into our family. This helps us so much!! What model number is yours?

  13. I bought your machine today. So this tutorials are great. I am making cloth pads. So I now need to find a pattern that compatible. Cloth pads and such are gaining popularity and are a growing business. Maybe you can make a serger pattern video! Many would love it.

  14. donna doyle says:

    if one has i side cutter why buy a serge

  15. Amy Snawder says:

    Thank you for this series. I will be getting my grandmother's ProFinish in a couple weeks. (She is 93 and an amazing seamstress, but it's getting hard for her to sew now.) This series will help me a lot, especially since it's the same machine.

  16. aides2hear says:

    I can't hear you. You talk too fast.

  17. Rose Pope says:

    I have an old serger brother834dp that uses a tex1,or tbx1kn a golden needle ,dbx1 or1738,or231 are these needles still available and do you still have them.this serger is about 24 years old.i like to keep it as a back up .please reply.

  18. can you show me how to sew the edge like the shirt in the store with the two thread and one the other side with the serger please and thank you

  19. Should I sew a zig zag stitch after I have serge on stretch swim fabric?

  20. Karen1Nicola says:

    Your videos are always highly informative and incredibly useful. Thank you for making them :-)

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