Beginner Sewing Series: Part 1- Simplicity Pattern 2290 & Giveaway

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May 29, 2017
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May 31, 2017

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This week’s video tutorial is Part 1 in a Beginner Sewing Series I will be posting for you all! I will walk you through step by step how to complete a commercial garment pattern. For the purposes of this tutorial I am using Simplicity’s pattern number 2290 from their Learn To Sew line of patterns.

A big thanks to Simplicity for providing the patterns for this tutorial and for allowing me to giveaway two patterns for this week’s giveaway. Watch the video in its entirety for directions on how you can enter the giveaway.

You can also purchase your own pattern here:
I hope you’ll join us and follow along in this beginner sewing series!

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  1. Vanessa, I am looking for info on reading the pattern sizes; specifically the letters that are in the pattern size. AA or H, etc. What do these letters mean, and how do I apply them to my body measurements when selecting a pattern?

  2. finally someone talking about nap, so please again, the nap is like "the other side" of the fabric?if i have a fabric with one side printed and the other like the back side, that would be the nap? (the back side)

  3. Bopperkid says:

    I picked up a pattern for maxi dresses. The thing is though, is that I'm pregnant. So while everything is in the size 14 range my waist, thanks to the baby, is a size 22. How would I go about sewing all that extra fabric from the skirt (which starts just below the boobs) to the bodice? Do I pleat it?

  4. Yeah_Sure says:

    Yes… very similar to linen!

  5. its not really about back or front but more so up and down as in going with the grain and against it. hope that helps some

  6. if the pattern says xL and I am larger than that how to you get the  width…I measure my hips but get confused when I am cutting out a xL do I get it large enough?? I hope you understood all this lol:)

  7. Linda Gann says:

    I recently became overwhelmingly interested in learning how to sew. I've never known how to read a pattern but knew how to put a quilt top together and quilt. My grandmother taught me and I watched her make her own patterns but never was interested in learning how to sew clothing, it really intimidated me. I have watched your videos and feel very comfortable and confident now to tackle how to sew. My mother and I are going to be starting a project this week, along with my aunt. They are both so excited that I want to learn to sew that both are pitching in to teach me. My mom was shocked at how much I already knew about sewing and I told her it was because I was watching your videos. She is so proud of the knowledge I have learned and it's all because of you. Thank you for your great tutorials. Please keep it up. I feel confident enough now to take the clothing I have an make my own patterns from watching you. I even ordered brown craft paper like yours to get me started. LOL Love your videos and I am a subscriber now, I will keep watching and learning. Thanks again Vanessa.

  8. Linda Gann says:

    I also wanted to ask, under the Notions section of the back of the pattern. When it just says thread, how do you know what kind of thread to buy? There are so many different ones and different blends and nothing is telling me what kind to buy. Can you please give me some kind of guidance? Thank you.

  9. thanks for the great tutorial and the video edit. I liked that each time you explain something there is a red arrow or frame or picture of fabric to indicate what you talk about so I don't get confused with those other hundreds of numbers on the pattern package or fabrics that are out there.

  10. Antony Hurt says:

    were can get one one these patten,s as i have just found your page and i want to get starterd thank you 

  11. I bought a Butterick pattern fast and easy last year. I got lost and disappointed, it seemed to difficult after all. I watched your tutorial and made my vintage dress perfectly yesterday! Thank you so much, I feel so proud of me! ahahahaha

  12. Jestiegirl says:

    you are awesome!!! i love how u keep it going…instead of dragging out these lessons! i took on making pioneer outfits for the first time…i am a newbie so lets see how it goes! 😀

  13. Mikhail says:

    I just watched all three parts. Insanely helpful and succinct.

  14. Thank-you!! I was completely lost with a different pattern which had 45" and 60" options and I didn't know that it meant fabric width. Thanks for your help!

  15. Hi!!! Can you please consider a tutorial series 1355 Easy to Sew

  16. D. R. Griggs says:

    This series was extremely helpful. Thank you for posting it. I was hoping to do some pants soon. 🙂 You should do this for all the basic parts of clothing: blouse, jacket & skirt.

  17. i love all of your videos they really are very helpful

  18. MamayBebes says:

    I am desperate! Got a simplicity pattern and the instructions for the neck binding are extremely confusing! I've worked with bias tape before but this is hell!

  19. Hi Crafty Gemini! I stumbled across your channel looking for detailed steps for sewing patterns. I would like to thank you for making a nicely detailed step by step video through a sewing pattern! I have been sewing for years, but never actually used a purchased pattern. I recently purchased one, and immediately was lost with the hieroglyphics in the pattern pieces themselves. After watching other videos, and still being lost, I found your instructions well thought out and executed! THANK YOU!

  20. Ursula Renee says:

    Wow. You uploaded this awhile ago. I am learning to sew and bought this "Easy" pattern from Hancock recently. Thanks for the video!

  21. Easter Cat says:

    We just found your video and it gave so much info. Thank you!

  22. Ms. E Barts says:

    Great video! I use to sew years but stopped. This video was very helpful in how to read a pattern.

  23. martha says:

    Thank you, i am a beginner and my bigger sewing proyect until now was an apron. I want to sew a dress for my little girl and i bougth a simplicity pattern but i havent using it because when i opened i didnt know how to read it but now thanks to you i have better idea of what to do. Excelent explanation. If it is something that i dont understand, can ask you for help?

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