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Christmas Fingerprint Wreath
December 18, 2016
Sydney Jacket | twice as nice
December 19, 2016

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  1. here from itsjudyslife :)

  2. Mint cookies says:

    100 to 200 kit plz (:,

  3. truepinoy101 says:

    Here from a long time ago lol but thanks for this introductory vid on the essentials. Kinda sad but I'm gonna have my grandma teach me how to sew so hopefully I can catch up on all the tutorials I always wanted to do lol thanks again bro 

  4. That intro tho! okay, off to watch the rest.

  5. rox says:

    damb i wish you made this video six months ago! i got a sewing machine for xmas and had to figure all this shit out in one harrowing afternoon in the sewing aisle at wal mart lmao

  6. ethan vu says:

    Tif is the sewing machine doe

  7. kyra Myi says:

    Lol, I just uploaded a beginners video kinda like this the other day. 

  8. nikea lily says:

    20-50 please 

  9. Rella0325 says:

    Non sewing kit?

  10. BRBN says:

    thanks! very helpful tool list! :)

  11. love to see more bomber jacket tutorials dude love your videos

  12. Topaz Brown says:

    This is so helpful!!!! Thank you

  13. sxxoul says:

    can you do a vid on sewing machines?

  14. Un Amor Kojo says:

    cntrl + z for a mac or nah lol. Love your channel keep up the great work!

  15. these articles are too expensive, in my country they are too cheap

  16. you sell the clothes you do? kenandrewdaily

  17. You should do a tutorial on denim overall joggers…that would be awesome

  18. expert starting kit please

  19. expert starting kit please

  20. Enoch Jones says:

    How necessary is a rotary cutter if you have a good pair of scissors?

  21. mimi everett says:

    Expert kit please working with an reasonable budget!!!!! #Sewlute

  22. i sewlute on you ken lol

  23. Alex Harris says:

    make sure to check the backside. If you find lumps consult a doctor

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