Barbie Clothes Patterns: 45+ Free Designs & Tutorials

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May 10, 2017
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Barbie Clothes PatternsWhy not make your own Barbie clothes?

Barbie has been a cultural icon since for almost 60 years since she was “born” on March 9, 1959.  The doll was launched by toy company Mattel and since 1959 over a billion Barbies have been manufactured.  While you can certainly buy almost any type of Barbie clothes and accessory in a store, wouldn’t it be much more fun to make your own?

Here’s a fantastic collection of 45+ Barbie Clothes Patterns and tutorials featuring many different designs and fashions.  I really hope you enjoy these fun little sewing projects.



If you kids are a bit younger..

If your kids are a bit younger and you’re still looking for something to sew for them, below is another roundup for cute sock animals to sew.  You might find it interesting!

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Barbie Clothes Patterns Roundup

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