Baby Dress (Sewing For Beginners)

Video: An Easy Seam Tape for Bras
December 16, 2016
Setting up (or upgrading) a sewing space
December 17, 2016

Pattern –

Here is an alternative to the pattern above :

(I am NOT the creator of either of the patterns I have linked above. I am simply showing how to sew this type of dress.)

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  1. ume hade says:

    awesome sewing for beginners i love th way you sew the fabric

  2. Mrs. Figgy says:

    what type of fabric are you using?

  3. this is darling. I'm going to modify it for my 11 year old. she likes shirts that look like short dresses she can wear with her leggings.

  4. G Blair says:

    Can any one tell me in cm the pattern edges. I downloaded the pattern on to my iPad but don't have access to a printer and can figure out the right size to make my own pattern, thanks!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??

  6. Caro mac says:

    Thank you so much, I have looked everywhere for such a tutorial, perfect, just what I needed to save my sanity. Can go ahead instead of just looking at the cut out pieces of fabric. Could not figure out how the sleeves went in, now it makes perfect sense in relationship to the elastic, sleeves and neck.

  7. очень красиво!?nice

  8. hi I am wondering if I should iron out the crease on the body of the dress prior to doing all the sewing like you did with the sleeves or does it not matter?

  9. got it thank you so much! this dress is so sweet and adorable by the way!

  10. TheUberDoll says:

    loving it!!! I have a mustard material and I'm gonna make myself a dress like this! with puffier and longer sleeves. thank you madame!

  11. Nicki_ Zoey says:

    Hi, I was wondering what is the binding called that you used for the hem.. It's super cute and I love it! Great video

  12. thank you so much. i love and learnt lots from your tutorial. i love the lace as well.

  13. I made this and it came out great! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. izumiyuki93 says:

    Thank you so much! I was looking for something like that tutorial, but I gonna use it to create sort of a T-shirt with it ;3 Thank You once more!

  15. روعه كلش حلوه

  16. Leema X says:

    hi where can i get the pattern from x

  17. Aayad Abas says:

    So benefits video

  18. Fatimah S says:

    thhank you very much

  19. Lizzy Dragon says:

    i love love love this i am new at sewing i love how u explain things and let me see as u go it was very helpful for me when i have no idea what im doing but im creative and i love making stuff i cant wait to try this i hope it comes out right lol

  20. me encanto el video. un vestido sencillo y muy lindo tu trabajo. me gustaria saber cuanto se usa de cinta elastica. besos

  21. Elewa says:

    You make me want to have a baby. Haha! Very cute dress. I love the idea of making my kids clothes – anyway when I actually have some, I'll be coming back to this tutorial!

  22. Patchez#1 says:

    cool video pleas check out my videos

  23. rose fragale says:

    looks awesome,can't wait to see the full set,you are so good with you videos !!!!

  24. Lila P says:

    Hi. What are the measurements for the dress. I do not have a pattern for the peasant dress and would like to have a go at doing one for a 6 month old. Can you help please.

  25. I made my girls dresses based off of your tutorial. I used a solid color for the sleeves and did a band across the bottom like a pillowcase dress instead of the lace. Also, instead of puffing the sleeves, I added ruffles out of the material I used on the bodice. I made them bows to match as well.

  26. رووووووووعه

  27. Thankyou for this video. Very helpful . I'm going to turn this into a nighty for my grandchilds birthday , 1 yr. old.. Great job.?

  28. how can i print off pattern easily..having a few difficulties.HELPPPP

  29. I loved this tutorial. Never sewed clothing before but you were so informative that you give me hope that I can do it. I am about to embark on making a vintage nightgown for my 2 girls for a christmas photo shoot with Santa. Thank you for these videos. I cant wait to watch all your other ones. 🙂

    also if I have questions about doing it, would you mind if I message you?

  30. Chloe Hanna says:

    What make of sewing machine do you have?

  31. How can I make this for a 4/5 or a 2t in size? I love this pattern but my little ones are a lot older lol

  32. Ali Noland says:

    YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER. MY 9mo daughter is going to be Raggedy Ann for Halloween and this cute little dress is PERFECT and
    I feel much more confident with my decision to make it myself! Thank you so much!!!!

  33. This is adorable! You're video is great and super helpful- I'm using it to help me make my daughter's thanksgiving dress. p.s. I love your accent!

  34. Love it. Thanks for the video. My sister wants me to make some dresses for her grand child's doll. This will be perfect.

  35. ChacieWhat says:

    good job! That looks really nice!

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