3 Tips for Lighting Your Sewing Room

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July 18, 2017
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3 Tips for Lighting Your Sewing RoomHaving a spacious, well-organized sewing room is a dream of all sewers.  For people who sew as a hobby or as their job, one of the most important factors for sewing properly is having a well-lit sewing room.  We wrote recently about 7 Practical Tips for Designing A Sewing Room.  In that article, we mentioned one must-have of a sewing room, aside from adequate equipment and proper storage is good lighting.

Designing A Sewing Room

We’ve also dedicated a lot of articles towards ways to organize your sewing room and the things in it.  We’ve also invested a lot of time in talking about sewing safety.  But one of the most important aspects of sewing on which we’ve spent the least time is lighting.

Just like reading, sewing is a strenuous activity for the eyes.  Without proper lighting, sewing won’t be nearly as enjoyable or as productive.

Lighting Your Sewing Room

As I approach 50, I can certainly feel the strain on my eyes more and more.  How I wish I had planned for better lighting for all those years in my various sewing rooms.

We have gathered some tips on lighting your sewing room.  Here are some ideas how to optimize the lighting in your sewing space.

Tip #1: Use ambient and natural lighting when possible

Lighting Your Sewing RoomAmbient, and preferably natural, light should be the main source of light in your sewing room. Ambient lighting serves as the main source of bright of your room. Using white light for the overall brightness of the room makes things more visible and you will find it easier to move around and work on your projects. Choose bulbs that let out a bright white light. Avoid using yellowish or orange light bulbs because it can add strain and fatigue to your eyes as you work on your projects.

I’ve recently moved my own main sewing room to a place in our house where I can get beautiful morning sunlight.  I find that this helps reduce strain on my eyes, let’s me work more comfortably and helps keep my mood up to boot!  (For one of our most popular article ever, please have a look at:  Sew Your Blues Away! – How Sewing Fights Depression.)

Tip #2:  Have task lights on hand

Lighting Your Sewing RoomThere are many choices when it comes to task lighting. You will need this when sewing and especially if you are into quilting. Since quilting has more detailed patterns, it is important to up your task lights. It will reduce eye fatigue and exposes the real hues of your materials, especially the fabric you are using. Look for companies who sell task lights with high-quality bulbs.  Never compromise your vision health.

Tip #3:  Install magnifiers to augment your task lights

Lighting Your Sewing RoomMagnifiers are helpful for tiny details in your sewing or quilting projects. Aside from your task light, you can use a magnifier along with it to aid you in hand-sewn tiny details and appliques. Some floor lamps include a magnifier so worth keeping an eye out for these.  With a magnifier, I can assure you that you will enjoy working on those intricate details much more often. If you decide to invest on a magnifier, do your research and buy a good quality one like this.

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