26 – Reverse Stitch Sewing (FREE SAMPLE)

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June 19, 2017
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June 20, 2017


  1. It could be that the bobbin thread is not not being fed out correctly.
    Make sure to double check the way it should be threaded. Also the bobbin thread tension may need adjusting.

    You can see how to adjust and thread a Janome machine on our site eSewingWorkshop under Sewing Machine Essentials

  2. ltvsk3 says:

    I have an old machine (1930s-1940s) that is very basic and does not have a reverse stitch lever or option. How would I lock the stitches at the beginning at the end?

  3. Hi, if your machine does not do reverse stitching, you can use very short stitches at the beginning and the end of your stitch line to secure the ends.
    You can also hang your fabric from the back instead of the front and sew the end of your stitch line first, starting about 1 cm from the edge. Then flip your work and sew over the seam from the edge going over the 1 cm of stitches. Sew to the end of the seam line, flip the project over and sew 1 cm on the back covering the end of the stitch line.

  4. leeway1331 says:

    I have a Singer FM-22C . How do I do the reverse?

  5. onjoFilms says:

    I took a beginner class, and they didn't even fully explain this.  Thanks.

  6. cena one says:

    I have a machine and keep going reverse hw do I fix it

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