2016 BEST sewing machine for beginners!!

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

** Get your Janome 2212 sewing machine here: http://bit.ly/Janome2212
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In this video review I review the Janome 2212 sewing machine and tell you why I’m calling it the 2016 BEST sewing machine for beginners. I teamed up with SewVacDirect to bring you this review and they have allowed me to host a giveaway! One of you lucky viewers is going to win the exact sewing machine I use in this vide review… and I will autograph it and mail it off to you myself. The giveaway is open worldwide and you must be 18 or older to enter. For more details head on over to my blog: http://wp.me/p5qpHg-1QR

If you know anyone who is looking to get started sewing or quilting share this video with them! They will appreciate it. I cover a lot of the basics like how to wind a bobbin and how to thread the machine in this video review as well. It is a great video for a newbie to check out and understand a little more about how a sewing machine works.

I used this machine to sew through all kinds of layers including tissue knit, jersey knit, quilting cottons, polyester fleece, vinyl, leather, etc. It is a workhorse and the price point is amazing at only $149.00 for what it can do. This is a great machine to get started with in case you are not too sure you want to invest more money into sewing or quilting. It also has enough stitch functions, feet and features that you can grow with it. It is a great beginner machine for sewing clothes, quilts and home decor projects.

To buy your Janome 2212 click here: http://bit.ly/Janome2212

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  1. Miss Gemini is that a auto volt machine?

  2. amiami says:

    Love your videos. Thank you for this review.. it is really perfect for a newbie. Would love to know what would be your recommendation for an upgrade from this machine for someone who does some quilting, makes apparels for kids, some embroidery and is looking for a computerized machine? Any favorites for 2016? Thanks !!

  3. Great video!!! Sewing is in my family and I wish my grandma could teach me how to sew BUT it's already in my genes so I searched videos and have been grateful to stumble across yours!!! I am a new subbie!!! Great tutorials

  4. When it's on S.S., doesn't that mean that it will be a stretch stitch as well as a decorative stitch?

  5. SongsBeauty says:


  6. i like that sewing machine….so i can sew baby clothes…

  7. cdvax11 says:

    Does it have the needle down option?

  8. TONYA ELMORE says:


  9. matsprincess says:

    hey Vanessa, is there any picot foot that can be used with this machine?

  10. brahms1545 says:

    A friend told me about your tutorial for this machine. I'm looking to buy a couple for a class of 4th and 5th graders at the school where I teach. I've been searching for a sturdy machine that would last us a while. This looks great! When we get good enough at the basics and start using a machine, this video will be great for the students to watch. Thank you so much for making this video!

  11. hi I love ur videos! I want to learn to sew it as always been something i wanted to do. can u recommend a affordable sewing machine for beginners for me plz for about $50-$60? i was looking at the michley sew and sew is it a good one to start with?
    i want to make cute clothes and other stuff for my kids and myself

  12. Nathi Jere says:

    i think that having the pressure at the foot pedal
    is easier

  13. Melanie Reed says:

    Hi Vanessa – great video! I've got a Janome Sexist 500, which looks very similar to the machine you are using here. I've been searching for several days to try to figure out how to get a walking foot for my machine (no Janome dealer in my small town). But, perhaps I don't need one. I am new to sewing and just about to get my feet wet with a small quilting project. I'm inspired by you to try the standard foot I've already got on my machine. Thanks so much!

    BTW – love your videos in general; you've got a great personality which really comes across on film and I appreciate the precision of your instruction and explanations. Its still all a big mystery to me.

  14. is there a special way to reinforce the butt part in office pants? my friend wants to know

  15. Very nice in depth review, great video. And I'm a Gemini too! Subscribed :)

  16. Tea M says:

    I am not quite a beginner, as I've sewn a few items, but I also wouldn't say that I'm intermediate either. Would a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116 be a good choice, in your opinion? I want a good sturdy machine that can do basic sewing; mainly clothing, and some household items. I haven't gotten into quilting at this point in my life. Thank you.

  17. Hope you don't mind, we shared this video in our email newsletter this month. This video is perfect for the newbie sewer wanting to learn more about sewing machine options! Love your videos!

  18. Victor Hitt says:

    i my name is Lavonda i'm using my boyfriend YouTube channel to look up video's on what is the best sewing machine and i came cross you video and i have to say that god bless you it help me out a lot so i went on eBay and they have the same one you have you took your time i think you will make a very good teacher you talk it threw and it was just something that i know i can do so Thank you ever so much i would learn to more about sewing

  19. Sola Flare says:

    seems pretty powerful for such a small machine

  20. I really enjoyed your tutorial for beginners, not only did you help me understanding sewing setup 101, now I know what machine will work for me. I'm going to look at your tutorial a couple of more times, especially when I purchase the machine you recommend. I hope you have more tutorials available for different things as I get familiar with the sewing world. I always wanted to sew, purchased maybe 2-machines and a couple of hand machines, and all I did was fell, got bored, put them in the closet until I gave them away because I never to the time needed to learn. I hand sew a lot, when I was little I would watch my grandma hand sew and hem everything, even our clothes. Her fingers was like a sewing machine, and she was awesome. I crochet and would like to put some pieces together, more secure than my fingers can, and move quicker. I hope I can do it.

  21. hi do you have instagram i just look at your video about best sewing machine and i'm looking to do sewing soon and just looking for help any way i can i would love to follow you on instagram because you seem like a really good teacher and i found the same sewing machine on amazon so thank you for a great video

  22. hi does the machine ship worldwide. .m in botswana

  23. Thank you for this review. I really love your work.

  24. I got this one for my son.

  25. Very well explained. I bought a little Janome for my granddaughter and it is perfect for her. I like it , too!

  26. hey id like a beginning sewing machine with the ability to embroider

  27. I used my mom's singer till I broke it, maybe 2 decades.  Then I got the heavy duty singer.  I don't need a lot of fancy stitches.

  28. Chesa Na says:

    have anyone use singer 1408

  29. TANNIE WILL says:

    ok. ordering this macine

  30. gelenca says:

    Hello from Slovenia, EU! I looove your videos and I'm fascinated with your review. I'd love to buy this machine but unfortunately I can't find this model in EU – do you recommend similar I can buy in EU?

  31. Victor Hitt says:

    hi crafty g i need your help could you tell me what thread should i buy for this sewing machine i'm new to this and i want to make sure i get the right kind that is strong and it will do all the sewing projects please help

  32. loomoolime says:

    It's the best sewing machine because she's sponsered

  33. Rakhi Tyagi says:

    can I do embroidery and beading with my usha janome prima stitch

  34. Dana Scott says:

    Is this machine still a good machine for beginners? thanks!

  35. I've watched 50 of these "How to for beginners" and you're the FIRST one to tell us (when filling/winding our bobbin with thread) that after we step on the pedal….for us not to "freak out" and not to worry because the machine will stop automatically once the bobbin is filled. (All this time I was silently freaking out that I'd over fill it. lol) You give the best & clearest instructions! No wonder you have so many subscribers….including me, now! :)

  36. Victor Hitt says:

    i just got this sewing machine today every happy ready to make some magic with it

  37. Can´t find that model in UK….

  38. Hi what I like most about this video is that you made each step so simple so I can know understand the basics of this type of sewing machine and I like the fact that this machine is mechanical just for starters until I get to a point where I become verse enough to branch out into that which is best.
    Believe it or not have you ever considered being a Teacher your explanations are well explained within these videos. Thanks for listening and have a good day.

  39. i like it, Thanks for Great Video and you did very well for the Explain, but at the moment im try looking for this model. Janome 2212. it's hard to Fine out ,im checking on ebay and amezon too, doesn't have for Janome 2212, them have the other one

  40. Great Video. Love to watch

  41. Saima Shah says:

    hi dear i love watching your videos …
    dear i m looking for a sewing machine with automatic needle threding as i have week eye side …
    what is your opinion about janome charry 12 and janome fd 216 both with auto nwedle threding?
    which one you recomend….. and do review charry 12 too

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