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June 1, 2017
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June 2, 2017

Remember when I went to Target and bought a set of clearance twin size sheets? They were $13.98.
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Was hoping to have enough fabric to make the Sew House Seven Tea House Dress. Not only was that plenty, but I also made one of the endless combination of sewing patterns from Alison Glass Design Woven Essentials booklet – which was a collaboration with Karen LePage.

The Tea House Top And Dress Pattern

Love the Tea House Dress pattern, but the facing was a bit tricky and bunches in the back. In hindsight, I should have used lighter weight interfacing and only applied it to the facing since I was making the dress out of a medium weight cotton.
There is a LOT of ease built into the sizes, so I cut out a size 6, even though my measurements were more suited for the 8.

When I ran into trouble with the neckline bunching, Sew House Seven actually direct messaged me on Instagram and offered some helpful advice. That’s one amazing thing about indie pattern companies. Super personal customer service!

Went ahead and ordered some new interfacing from https://www.fashionsewingsupply.com/ for future projects also.


Really versatile series of patterns with endless combinations of skirts, a tunic top, and dresses.

I cut out a size D on top and graded to an E on the bottom. For the most part, this fit me well.

The booklet has tips on making a muslin, and how to adjust for various fit issues like bust and shoulders. Having small shoulders, I should have tried the tip of shaving off part of the shoulder seam at the neck to eliminate that gap where the neckline won’t stay flat. This really worked for me when I applied this to another pattern, so at least I know how to adjust this next time!

The creators have even made a website with photo tutorials for various steps of pattern construction. I referred to this resource several times, and greatly appreciated that it was made available to customers.


Did I mention these dresses only cost $6.99 each outside the cost of the patterns?

Stay tuned for dress #3 – the Megan Dress from Tilly and the Buttons book ‘Love at First Stitch’!


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  1. V Ashley says:

    Both dresses are cute.

  2. Mini M.U.I. says:

    For a beginner, how do you layout your fabric for cutting when using a sheet set and there is no traditional selvage to go buy?

  3. love sew house seven!!! im making the tea dress as soon as im done the bridgetown tunic…both dresses are great, nice score on the sheets:)

  4. WinMichele4 says:

    I like the dresses and your editing style

  5. Bed sheets are awesome for muslins. Have you seen the Trevi top/dress from Hey June? I printed mine off today, can't wait to sew it up 👍

  6. Beth Cooley says:

    I have been thinking of ordering Sure Fit designs. I have watched others use this and it seems like a great way to individualize a pattern; adding full bust adjustments, sway back, etc . You might want to check it out. I think it can help adjust other companies patterns as well. nice to see you are enjoying sewing.

  7. Thank you for such a detailed critique of the patterns you used. The only feedback I have is that it's hard to hear you. I have the volumn turned up all the way and don't have trouble with other videos. Just thought I'd let you know. BTW I work part time at Target and I never thought to buy clearance sheets for toiles . Great idea!

  8. Brill post Jennifer. I've recently bought the tea dress but havent put it together yet. Its quite high on my to do so I was really pleased to hear your review. Looks great – I love making dresses out of sheets, there is so much fabric!

  9. did you make the quilt behind you? it is lovely.

  10. EvaEvaEva923 says:

    Amazing what you can do with some creativity and imagination. Great job!!

  11. Using the sheets is a great idea for a muslin substitute as well! I think you definitely did these sheets justice! I went to the Tilly and he Buttons website and ordered three patterns from them. The one I'm most excited about is the coco! It will be a while before I'm able to find time to tackle it but I am so anxious to get started!

  12. Sheri Maple says:

    That's a great idea to use sheets. I do have the teahouse pattern but have been losing weight. I'll probably sew up some patterns that call for knits. When I finally do make the teahouse dress, I'm going to use a lightweight wool or linen fabric.

  13. NaturalDane says:

    That's great you got 2 dresses and they are both cute.  I never heard of either company, so I wrote that down.  Such a great review as always.  I want to try PDF, but I'm going to have the file sent to the print shop (office depot or UPS), all that taping and stuff – arrgh.  This month I have a couple McCall patterns and a Cashmerette pattern.

  14. I always try to make wearable muslins/toile… It's just such a waste of time doing it on some weird white fabric…. Nice dresses! I'm always playing with the side dart and have just found my sweet spot 🙂

  15. #sewoverit is also a great little shop and pattern designer she does tutorials too but her vlogs on fabric and what they are good for are good to and #kittenishbehaviour is great for inspiration

  16. 602redroses says:

    I love the dresses, hope to find a set of sheets and try this. tfs

  17. Wow it came out so good !! Idea to use a sheet 👍

  18. Donna Chance says:

    I use sheets for my bag lining. thrift shops are a good place to find cheap sheets.

  19. Nancy Madden says:

    Thanks for the videos. You need a better microphone , I can hardly hear you.

  20. I'm really trying to work on making my own block patterns so that I can feel free to design my own clothes rather than buying patterns! It's tough work finding resources that explain the details of pattern making

  21. I particularly liked the Sewing Essentials dress on you. It was a better fit and I'm sure you'll be able to do lots of variations of it. Isn't it great to get help from the Pattern Company! Such excellent customer service. Another well articulated Vlog……

  22. Beth Cooley says:

    i am new to garment sewing and was frustrated with changing patterns to fit. i just watched Sewing with Nancy – solving the pattern fitting. As we all learn sewing better together I thought you might be interested in her tips.

  23. I used that exact sheet set to make a shower and window curtains!! 🙂

  24. I love these! Thanks for sharing, and great idea to use the sheets for muslins.

  25. S Douglas says:

    Thanks for the video because it is a great idea to get material from the stores that sell the bed linen that did not sell on sale.

  26. Hi, Jennifer! I'm a recent subscriber but am just seeing this video as one of my own subscribers pointed me to it! I mentioned in a recent video a chart I found giving the yardage for every size sheet (as it would be in both 44" and 60" wide)! I'm keeping it in my phone for handy reference! I'd put the link here but I'm scared it will get dumped into your spam so you can either go to the description box in my video (the one featuring my kimono to robe) or search for the blog where I found the chart called sewmuchado dot com. Just thought you might like to have it on hand and thanks for all the great info in your videos!

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