#1 – Sewing Supplies for Beginners

Inside our Online Dressmaking Workshop
May 14, 2017
Printable Bookmarks for Kids + Favorite Book Quotes
May 15, 2017


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  1. NaturalDane says:

    Ok, I'm doing good, i have everything but those weights, I've seen MiMiG talk about those & marking tools. I also need that magnetic needle holder in my life. Great video!

  2. quazylade90 says:

    I would suggest also a note pad to keep your measurements and measurements of your kids and friends you make things for. some tape because I have been known to rip the pattern. And one of the lint rollers. Lol. I have accumulated so much stuff. Buttons from an estate sale. A bobkin, because i didnt know I needed one. And now various feet for my sewing machines.

  3. Tee Flyy says:

    lol… I love all your tutorials that scorch you're talking bout….yah lol

  4. Domeá Gisel says:

    great video!!! i just made my list and will be picking this stuff up along and along!

  5. ur v cute and informative, thanks x

  6. I dont have a sewing machine at all how to get one when i dont have that much of money to get one of a sewing machine

  7. Penny James says:

    sweet! thanks for some tips! beginner here; slowly gather things. any suggestions help.

  8. Cute Connect says:

    loved this! very clear and informative. thank you

  9. thnx for the video cant wait to get sewing

  10. MzBerry says:

    very informative and honest video, I like your drive I see you going international.What brand and quality sewing thread is your favorite?

  11. Larai Audu says:

    Alo please whats the name of your sewing machine

  12. dawnmacky says:

    Glad I found your channel, so clear and easy to understand thank you👏

  13. SchalaZeal says:

    Loving your videos…you're informative, clear, chill, and funny. I've found a new favorite sewing guru! 🙂 Thank you!

  14. when you started sewing, did you take classes or self taught? I'm interested in learning how to sew 😊

  15. K R. says:

    I bought my 1st sewing machine from Amazon 2 days ago and I'm excited! i got the brother cs6000i. I don't know how to sew (using a machine) but determined to learn! This is such a helpful video.

  16. Terinka14 says:

    i have watched so many videos on beginning sewing and yours was the only one that made me subscribe 😀

  17. S Brannon says:

    I seen sewing machines at Amazon as low as $60. I also have a magnetic pin holder, and I love it. Thank you for all your information. You're an awesome teacher.

  18. hi new viewer do u have any tutorials on different pattern

  19. Can you list all these in the description box? I keep having to stop and start the video to try to write down everything you're talking about. You know so much and I am grateful to learn!

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